Somerville Council on Aging and Teen Empowerment goes to Symphony Hall



The Somerville Council on Aging and Teen Empowerment went to Symphony Hall November 1st as part of an ongoing collaboration together. This specific program was done through a grant with The Boston Symphony Orchestra. They chose the COA and Teen Empowerment to participate in its Symphony for Our City program, which includes three special concerts and some educational presentations about classical music.

Friday’s program was very successful and very well-received. We brought a great mix of older adults and young people together to listen to the music in a grand setting. The COA and Teen Empowerment were the only group from outside of Boston, as well as the only grantee that brings young and old together to be part of this music outreach program.

Photo 3: Kourtney Shea and Danny McLaughlin. Front row: Eddie Abate and Jim Buckley.
Photo L: Teen Empowerment with Eddie Abate.

Photos by: Jim Buckley and Levi Doumbia.






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