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On 11/1/2013, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser West 5. While monitoring traffic on Broadway, a public way in the city of Somerville, I queried Massachusetts registration on my laptop computer. The result of my RMV query showed the registered owner, .revoked license.

I activated my emergency lights and siren and stopped the vehicle in front of 855 Broadway. As soon as I stopped the vehicle, the front seat female passenger, and the rear seat male passenger attempted to exit the vehicle. I informed them to remain in the car, and informed Somerville Control of the stop.

I identified the operator as the registered owner, and informed him the reason why I had stopped him. While speaking with the operator both passengers continued to move around, and seemed very nervous. Due to neither one of them wearing a seat belt, I asked for their names in order to issuea citation. The front seat passenger provided me with the name Katelyn Paquete with a date of birth of 11/29/1993. The back seat passenger stated his name is Jonathan Berenson date of birth 05/17/1989.

I returned to my cruiser and requested a back up unit due to the movements and nervousness of the passengers. Officer Marc DiFava, Officer Al Gee, and Sgt. Warren Chaille arrived on scene to provide back up. I queried both names and Paquete came back with no matching record and no criminal history. Berenson had 9 active warrants for his arrest. While I waited for Somerville Control to confirm the warrants I returned to Paquete in order to ascertain her true identity. I asked if she had a wallet, to which she took out and handed to me. I asked if there was anything with her name on it inside, and she unzipped the wallet. I immediately recognized a piece of straw and a glassine bag. Through my training, education, and experience I recognized these items to be drug paraphernalia. I looked at Paquete and told her to be truthful with me and to let me know if there are any drugs in the vehicle. She looked at a zippered pocket in the wallet, began to cry, and after opening the pocket I located a glassine bag containing a white rock like substance, and an assortment of pills.

Through my training, education, and experience, I was able to identify the rock like substance as Crack Cocaine. I used a pill identifier web site to identify all of the pills located in her wallet. There is (1) Blue bill imprinted 224 (Oxycodone 30Mg), (11) small blue pills marked A 215 (Oxycodone 30Mg), (1) blue pill marked 48 12 V (Oxycodone 30Mg), and (1) blue pill marked M 30 (Oxycodone 30Mg). I placed Paquete under arrest for Possession of a Class B Controlled Substance, as well as failure to wear a seat belt.

I placed Berenson under arrest for the 9 outstanding warrants, and cited him for failure to wear a seat belt. Berenson stated he has been dating Paquete for 2 years. When I asked Berenson what her date of birth was, he provided four incorrect dates of birth, and could not provide her address to me.

I I seized 14 pills, the glassine bag containing cocaine, two straws, and an empty glassine bag from Paquete’s wallet. The items were tagged and placed into evidence. Officer Gardner in the prisoner transport wagon, transported Paquete and Berenson to the station where they were booked in the usual manner by Lt. Rymill.

Fuerestein arrest

On the above date and time while assigned to cruiser West Seven, I was dispatched to the above location for a possible Motor Vehicle vandalism in progress by two white males.

West Six and myself pulled up at the corner of Sunset and Hillsdale and approached two suspects matching the description the witness gave over the phone.

I asked the two suspects where they were coming from and they both said a party down the street. I also asked if they knew anything about cars being damaged and they both said no. I asked the two suspects for identification but they both didn’t have any.

At this point West Six was talking to the street Supervisor and the witness. The proper paperwork was filled out to do a show up so the witness could identify both suspects. The witness identified both men as the ones damaging motor vehicles along his street.

MA Reg # had the drivers side mirror hanging off and the witness saw both suspects break and kick this car and several other vehicles. When trying to notify the owner there was no answer. The other vehicles that the suspects kicked had the mirrors pushed forward and at this time I don’t feel there is monetary damage to these other vehicles. Other vehicles parked along the street had dents and scratches but at this point we were unable to determine if the suspects are responsible for these damages. Based on my training and experience, I know to get this mirror fixed is more than $250.

Both suspects were placed under arrest for Chap 266 Sec 12 Malicious Destruction Of Property over 250. one count. and if anyone else comes forward with damage appropriate charges will be filed. Sgt Campbell photographs the damage on the primary vehicle.
Ocallahan Drug arrest

Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit in conjunction with members of the Cambridge Police Department Special Investigation Unit and Medford Police Department Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing drug investigation of the above named defendants and their alleged role in the illegal sale and distribution of Heroin. The aforementioned drug investigation was triggered upon cultivating intelligence regarding the Heroin distribution operation from three separate cooperating confidential sources. I would note that the identities and current place of residence of the three cooperating sources are known to law enforcement officials. I would additionally note that two of the referenced confidential sources are deemed reliable due to their cooperation and successes realized during prior criminal / drug investigations. To the best of this investigators knowledge the confidential sources are unaware of each others cooperation regarding the ongoing drug investigation. However due to a personal safety concern expressed by the confidential sources should his /her identities become public knowledge I respectfully decline to disclose the identity of the confidential sources for the purposes of this Heroin investigation and / or report. The three individual cooperating sources will be referred to as CSA, CSB and CSC herein.

During the morning of November 1, 2013 members of the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit , Cambridge Police Department Special Investigation Unit and Medford Police Department Drug Control Unit established a surveillance of John OCallaghan residence located at 249 Hurley St. Cambridge, MA. and the anticipated meet location at Washington St. / Myrtle St. in Somerville, MA. At approximately 11:50 AM observations were made by Detective of defendant OCallaghan departing from his residence. A rolling surveillance of OCallaghan was maintained as he utilized public transportation and walked to the meet location at the intersection of Washington St. and Myrtle St. Somerville, MA. While en route to the meet location OCallaghan was observed actively engaging in cellular telephone activity.

Once arriving at the meet location OCallaghan positioned himself in a manner that suggested he was waiting for someone to arrive. In addition OCallaghan was observed anxiously pacing while utilizing a cellular telephone. A short time thereafter defendant Robles-Pacheco was observed arriving to the meet location via the silver / grey colored 2004 Ford Focus bearing a Massachusetts registration . It was later determined that this was the same motor vehicle in question and the motor vehicle was re-registered the previous day.

This investigator observed defendant Robles-Pacheco park the motor vehicle along Myrtle St. Robles-Pacheco then exited his motor vehicle at which time he was observed retrieving an unknown object from the left rear wheel well of the motor vehicle. Once the item was retrieved Robles-Pacheco re-entered his motor vehicle. Upon taking note of Robles-Pacheco arrival defendant OCallaghan walked toward and subsequently entered the motor vehicle containing Robles-Pacheco. The motor vehicle then was placed in gear travelling along Myrtle St. turning right onto Pearl St. and then right again on Florence St. The motor vehicle containing the defendants proceeded to stop and briefly park along Florence St. opposite the Florence St. park and playground. At this time OCallaghan exited the motor vehicle and departed from the area travelling on foot. Once OCallaghan departed Robles-Pacheco was again observed exiting from his motor vehicle. Observations were then made of Robles -Pacheco reaching again into the left rear wheel well of his motor vehicle.

For the above stated reasons a motor vehicle stop of the vehicle containing defendant Robles-Pacheco was effectuated. The purpose of the stop was to conduct a threshold inquiry regarding the suspected illegal drug activity. At the time of the motor vehicle stop several police officers approached the defendants motor vehicle with police badges prominently displayed on the exterior of clothing. In addition a verbal police announcement and identification was made. In response to the police identification the defendant placed the motor vehicle in gear and attempted to flee. Due to the close proximity of several police officers to the defendants motor vehicle and in the interest police officer safety and preservation a forcible entry was necessitated into motor vehicle. This entry was necessary to neutralize the defendants elevated dangerous and alarming response to the police identification. Once entry was made the defendant continued to physically resist efforts to remove him from the motor vehicle negating attempts to place the motor vehicle in a safe mode.

While attempting to subdue and place Robles-Pacheco into custody observations were made of Robles-Pacheco expectorating from his mouth four clear plastic bags containing a substance believed to be Heroin onto the pavement. Once Robles-Pacheco was neutralized and handcuffed an inspection was conducted of the left rear wheel well of his motor vehicle. This is the same area where he was previously observed reaching into. This inspection revealed a hidden container where additional glassine bags containing a brown substance believed to be Heroin were stored. A preliminary weight of the total amount of suspected Heroin found and seized was approximately 21.4 grams of Heroin.

The defendants were placed under arrest for the above offenses and transported to the Somerville Police Department hoosegow facility for booking and processing. I would respectfully note the criminal activity engaged in by defendant Miguel Robles-Pacheco and violations of the controlled substance laws occurred within 100 feet of the Florence Street Park and Playground. This recreational and social area is owned and maintained by the City of Somerville.
Lewis -Jean arrest

The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest. On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville PD Narcotics/Vice Unit, in plain clothes, operating an unmarked Police M/V, the Vice Unit ( I), responded to the Holiday Inn at 30 Washington St., for a report of a female, posting on the Internet ( ), sexual conduct for a fee. Det. Hyde placed a call . The purpose of the phone call was to arrange rendezvous for the purpose of completing the sexual transaction. Once the call was placed, Det. was instructed to proceed to the Holiday Inn, Room #614. Sgt. and I responded and proceeded to the 6th floor stairwell and awaited Det. arrival at Room #614. Dets. and also responded to the 6th floor. I heard Det. knock on Room #614’s door, the door opened, he was met by a female that was provocatively attired, and he entered into the room.

Detective spoke with an unnamed female (defendant Diane Richardson), who made an appointment for $125.00 for a half hour or $200.00 for an hour worth of sexual activity. Once inside the room, the defendant and Det. made some small conversation. She requested the $125.00 for the 1/2 hour session. Det. handed the defendant $125.00, which she took from him. The $125.00 was in U.S. currency (6-$20.00 & 1-$5.00), that was previously drawn from a Somerville Police Department investigative account. At this point, the defendant removed her clothing. Det. was instructed to disrobe. The defendant displayed her bare breasts and exposed her genitalia. Det. was also instructed on certain rules of sexual engagement. The defendant offered Det. a Trojan condom and stated that there would be no xxxx. At this point Detective gave the prearranged arrest signal. Det. , Det. , Det. Sgt. , and I entered into Room #614 and I placed the defendant under arrest for the above stated charge. I confiscated $125.00 from the defendant.

The defendant was transported to the Station, via Wagon #200 Prisoner Transport Vehicle, Off. McCarey, where she was booked and advised of her rights by Lt. William Rymill. While in Room #614, I confiscated the following items and placed them into the Property Evidence


On Thursday, October 31, 2013, I, Sgt. John Marino was assigned to uniformed patrol operating marked cruiser # S9. At approx 10:16 a.m., while traveling from Blakeley Ave into the Stop and Shop entranceway, which was open to the public, I observed a white motor vehicle traveling in one of the parking lanes at a fast rate of speed and pull out directly in front of my cruiser without stopping. I quickly hit the brakes to avoid a collision with this vehicle. As the vehicle crossed the front of my cruiser, I activated the cruisers blue lights and tapped the siren a couple of times to stop this vehicle. The vehicle stopped in the parking area between Blakeley Ave and the West side of the Stop and Shop building. Area cruiser E1, operated by Officer Faria happened to be at the corner of Garfield St and Blakeley Ave when he heard the siren. He quickly responded to my location.

As I approached the drivers side window of the vehicle, Officer Faria approached on the passenger side I asked the operator for his license and registration. As the operator was retrieving his license, I observed in plain view, a red and brass colored shotgun shell on the operators lap. I had the operator shut off the vehicle and place his hands onto the top of the steering wheel. Officer Faria removed the passenger from the vehicle and conducted a safety pat down for weapons. I opened the drivers door, removed the shotgun shell from the operators lap and also removed him from the vehicle. The operator produced a temporary license and was identified as Elija Evans Lewis-Jean, date of birth 07/15/1993. As I stood by the open drivers door, I detected an odor of burned and fresh marijuanna coming from within the vehicle. I asked Mr. Lewis-Jean why he had the lead slug shotgun shell on his lap and he stated that it was in his pocket and he took it out because he got nervous. I then conducted a safety pat frisk for weapons and temporarily placed handcuffs onto Mr. Lewis-Jean and asked him to sit on the near curbing for safety. I then asked about the strong smell of marijuanna coming from the vehicle. He stated that he has a Massachusetts Medical card and that the marijuanna was for personal use. He also stated that he had a FID card for the shotgun shell. I asked if he had a shotgun and he stated at home. During a search of the vehicle, I recovered a sandwich sized zip lock back filled with a green herb substance that in my experience of 28 years as an officer, believed to be marijuanna under the drivers seat. I also recovered a clear glass mason jar from in the center armrest that contained a plastic sandwich bag also containing a green herb substance believed to be marijuanna. I also recovered an open small plastic cellophane package with a Massachusetts State tax stamp affixed to it in an open area on the dash board. In plain view, I also recovered four (4) empty glacine type sandwich bags and a small black portable digital scale on the back seat of the vehicle which is consistent with weighing and packaging substance for distribution. The operator, Mr. Lewis-Jean stated that his shotgun was in the trunk of the car and that he had the key for the trigger lock. Mr. Lewis-Jean’s shotgun was retrieved from the trunk of the vehicle and removed from a black nylon type case. I observed that it had a trigger lock in place and a loose green buckshot shell in the case. I could also observe that there was a shotgun shell in the tube of the weapon. I removed this round and then a second round that was also in the tube. The weapon at this time was completely unloaded.

At this time, I informed Mr. Lewis-Jean that he was being charged with possession of Class D with intent to distribute, carrying a loaded shotgun on a public way while loaded, and having a shotgun in his possession in the trunk of his vehicle under the influence of marijuana. Mr. Lewis-Jean was transported to the Somerville Police station and booked by Lt. Vivolo.
Fedele arrest

The following is a summary of the facts pertaining to my investigation of Incident #13040616 and Incident #13040481:

On October 30, 2013 at 4:23pm, I received a call from victim on my department issued cell phone (617 285 9051), stating her boyfriend Alexander Fedele (dob 10/07/1995) had just assaulted her. I quickly notified Dispatch to send marked Somerville units to her location ( Broadway, Somerville). I also responded to the scene to assist.

Upon my arrival, I observed v standing outside of the residence, crying hysterically, speaking to Somerville Officer Edward Soares who had just arrived on scene. She had a minor bruise on her lip and no other visible injuries. She told me, Alexander Fedele pushed her and hit her on the lip. She also said that he kicked her on the legs several times, the night before (10/29).

I made my way into the basement apartment of the residence and observed Mr. Fedele sitting with another individual. He was identified as ). The apartment was messy and there was stuff strewn everywhere. It could not be determined if its conditon was a result of the altercation with v. Mr. Fedele was placed in custody and was later transported to Somerville Police Headquarters for booking.

Prior to this incident, I had information that Mr. Fedele had committed at least one motor vehicle break at Ten Hills Rd in Somerville (Incident #13040481-1). I received this information from a conversation I had with v at Somerville Police Headquarters on October 28,2013 (See Incident #13040616-1).

On October 29, 2013, I interviewed the victim from the incident at Ten Hills, . During our conversation I learned the following:

said that on the night in question, he was walking his dog and observed an individual inside of his motor vehicle (Ma registration He said he confronted the individual and detained him by the shirt collar. The suspect later broke free and fled. he assured me that he would be able to identify the individual if he saw him again.

As part of my follow up investigation, I composed a photo array that included Alexander Fedele in the line up. Somerville Detective Natasha Montina-Garcia conducted the array with witness. He positively identified Alexander Fedele as the suspect in his motor vehicle on the night of October 27,2013 (Incident #13030481-1).

Note: the only item reported stolen from the motor vehicle break at 92 Ten Hills Rd was a TomTom gps unit (serial #R44369H01498), valued at three hundred dollars. This item was turned into police custody by v, a day after it was reported stolen. (See Incident #13030616-1). It should also be noted, that Victim was shown the TomTom and positively identified it as his.

Also worthy of note, I obtained a written consent from v to search the basement of 238 Broadway for additional possible stolen goods. Ms. White payed rent to the owner of the residence and had legal standing in the basement area. During the search, no additional stolen items were recovered.

Based on the facts articulated in the above paragraphs, Mr. Fedele was charged with the crimes of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (shod foot), Breaking and Entering in a motor vehicle in the Night Time and Receiving Stolen Property over $250. Mr.Fedele’s shoes were seized as evidence. Photos of Ms. White’s injuries will also be available.

Juvenile arrest

The following is a brief summary of the facts pertaining to Incident #13040583:

On 10/28/2013, I was assigned to Patrol in marked cruiser East 4. At approximately 16:02 hours I heard a radio call from Somerville Housing Police Officer Hal Curtis. Officer Curtis requested additional officers to assist with a fight, which was occurring in between two buildings, 40 and 50 Memorial Road. Officer Robert Hickey was nearby and responded within seconds.

Upon Officer Hickey’s arrival he saw Officer Curtis struggling with a male party, . Officer Curtis was attempting to handcuff jv1, but due to jv1 resistance, he was having a difficult time. Officer Hickey went to assist Officer Curtis, and was approached by a female, jv2, who grabbed ahold of his right arm. Officer Hickey ordered her to leave the area and turned away, again, jv2 grabbed Officer’s Hickey’s arm, who again pulled away and ordered jv2 away. jv1 was finally placed into handcuffs, and jv2 again grabbed Officer Hickey’s arm. At this point jv2 was placed into handcuffs, due to her refusal to obey Officer Hickey’s orders to stop grabbing his arm, and to leave the area.

When I arrived both individuals were already in handcuffs, and there was a large crowd gathered around the two defendants, and both police officers. I asked Officer Curtis what had taken place, and he told me the following. Paul Mackey, Deputy Director for the SHA, saw a large crowd gathering and noticed two people fighting. The male party,jv1, had picked up the female, jv2, and threw her onto the ground, in a body slam style action. Mackey phoned Officer Curtis of the SHA Police and informed him of the altercation. This is when Officer Curtis used his radio to call for additional Officers. When Officer Curtis arrived jv1 was wrestling on the ground with jv2, and Officer Curtis intervened.

I heard jv1speaking with a person in the crowd, and he stated that “jv2 was hitting me, I only tried to hold her down, because I don’t want to go to school with bruises on my face”. jv2 is jv1 sister. jv1 lives at home, with their mother, and jv2 is currently in DCF Custody. jv2 was supposed to return to the DCF Program after school, however, she did not. I was not able to determine the reason for the physical altercation between the brother and sister. There were no injuries sustained by anyone. The mobile detention unit #200 arrived and both individuals were placed into separate locked areas, and transported to the Somerville Police Station, and booked by Lt. Mulcahey.

DCF was notified of the altercation, and jv2 was released back into their custody.

Respectfully submitted,




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  1. 12/30/2017
    Somerville Police Department really does have some of #BOSTENSFINEST when it comes to policing. Take for example Cambridge they could use some help.Forget Dorchester and let’s not even talk about the Roxbury .My opinion is that yikes that must suck to have that gig. At least get them CIA , FBI and other tactical traing at the very least . And if your a Homeland fan like me sign me up…. The Somerville Police Department #ROCK . I don’t know if it because the SPD like it’s natives are just w common sense, diligently street smart and FAIR . Or at least try to be .

    The incident that occurred last evening in the East SOMERVILLE Area PROVES that to me at least. Three young males , and one young female quickly responded to from appeared to me someone STEALING something that d8d not belong to him and like Super hero’s the cops were there . And I couldn’t have over helped over listening to the way in which these officers spoke to someone or someone’s ( really one) have been ca7ght with witness Identification that at after 4AM. Some poor poor man on pearl street was robbed by someone who in his 30S at least should know better man “Never steal another man’s tools “. I KNEW better at 3yo. This saying a long time ago stuck and continues to stay embroidered in my cranium . My Modo really .
    UNLESS it was a lost waller with billions x billions . No one deserves that amount of money anyway .So I’d keep it but I’d help all my Villiers . To kee so after paying everyone’s mortgage wed all go on a paid cruise curtisosy me via the persons wallet. IT WOULD BE THE VILLEN CRUISE THROUGH THE BAHAMAS minus elected city officials makeing over 150 grand “Curatone”. 3 vacations a year is plenty for you ;). I miss any other thieves?

    All joking aside the police work was extraordinary, a blessing in disguise and needless to mention those police officers had and will continue to have there eyes opened so staying villigent . “Remember if it ain’t yours , Leave it alone “…And don’t forget that youvsho7ld never steal , buy anothet mans stolen tools etc”

    The karma the officers and there families felt I hope is felt strojgly. 3 YOUNG MEN one by the last name Kory and the other 3 I didn’t get so if your reading let us know ur names bc my hats off too you 3. FOR use8ng common sense, listening( forgotten art in communication) and tak8ng it easy . Because Kindness Matters. YOU MATTER”. AGAIN, what a great serv7ce those 4bPolice officers were. IF YOU’RE READING THIS OR KNOW THE 4 of the officers names Please…….. UNLIGHTN US……. And once again PLEASE remember, ” A another man’s tools should be left BE “!

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