Somerville Hydrant Flushing Programs Begins Monday 9/30


The City of Somerville Water Department is conducting a Flushing Program throughout the water distribution system.   The City will be flushing hydrants and operating gate valves to maintain the distribution system.  


This work will take place weekly between the hours of 11:00PM Monday through 7:00AM Tuesday. It is

anticipated that work in this area will take place over a three (3) week period.


Residents may experience a short period of water discoloration during the flushing and shortly thereafter.  

Though the water may be discolored, it is safe to drink. 


Until the water runs clear, it is advisable to avoid washing clothes, especially white fabrics.  If any rust stains appear on wet laundry, the clothes should not be dried, and the homeowner should contact the Water

Department or 311. 


On Monday September 30, 2013 The Water Department work will begin in the area affecting the following streets:


Aldrich St
Auburn Ave
Dana St
Delaware St
Dell St
Flint Ave
Flint St
Florence St (from Washington to Pearl)
Fountain Ave
Franklin Ave
Franklin St (from Washington to Pearl)
Gilman St
Gilman Terr
Glen St (from Pearl to Tufts)
Hillside Ave
Jasper St
Joy St
Knowlton St
McGrath Highway (from Bonair to Aldrich)
Morton St
Mt Vernon St (from Washington to Perkins)
Myrtle Pl
Myrtle St (from Washington to Pearl)
New Washington St (from Washington to Elbow)
Oliver Ave
Otis St
Palmer Ave
Pearl St (from Walnut to Crescent)
Pearl St Pl
Pearl Terr
Pinckney Pl
Pinckney St (from Washington to Pearl)
Randolph Pl
Reeds Ct
Rush St (from Pearl to Flint)
Sunnyside Ave
Tufts St
Virginia St
Walnut St (from Gilman to Pearl)
Washington Ave
Washington St (from McGrath to Crescent)
Wesley St
Wigglesworth St

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