Alleged Overtime Scandal at The Somerville DPW


By William Tauro

Continue to follow as we bring you inside for an exclusive close look at the ongoing internal investigation probe at the request of the Mayor’s office being conducted by various law enforcement agencies at the Somerville Department of Public Works!

Police officials are believed to have spent over a full 2-3 weeks sifting through mountains of incriminating hard evidence and conducting over a week’s worth of meetings at the Somerville DPW building interviewing, questioning and even taking depositions of certain city employees that are believed to be part of the plot to defraud city taxpayers out of thousands of overtime hour dollars. 

Find out who the players are and how they did it! 

Hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars allegedly being scooped away by a handful of city employees for their own personal gain. 

Hundreds of alleged misrepresented time sheets and literally hundreds of photos taking you inside the DPW Garage as it was happening!

Stay tuned to for the very best news coverage of this situation as it unfolds while the investigation continues and the evidence mounts against the accused! 

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