Hi…”Thanks again, Medford, For Nothing!!”

I have lived in Medford, MA, for over 50 years. My Dad wanted to buy a home near Governors Avenue because he loved the area when driving me to Ms. Putnam’s Dance Class back in the 60’s!!

We cherish our area,neighbors, semblance, and fine accessible location – walking and driving. In early September, I noticed stencils along upper Governors Avenue…knew a plan had to come. The Engineering Dept was not sure if a wide parking lane was coming?? and we never received a return call from the Mayor or the Traffic Designer.

The Engineering Dept claimed a FEW people called saying there is too much speeding. We already have speed bumps, signs, and ALL know there is street parking…NO ROOM BUT 1 LANE since constructed. So,Medford again — Minority rules. I counted one day in 4 hours on a weekend – 24 cars went up the hill…not speeding. Like Vampires, the workers in the night and alas! we have a wide,, unnececessary parking lane. We now look like Broadway Somerville and Forest St—fine streets but they having heavy traffic. There is no special look now on this historic, sought road. I never received a meeting flier, neither did my neighbors. This not only spoils the feature of Governors but may have decreased the property value of appx 40 homes! Yes, we need a CHANGE …but not on Governors. We want most for our invested value and a “thank you” for our taxes;
we need someone who has Medford values in mind — NEW LEADERS! If you are fearful of walking or a carriage on a sidewalk — DO NOT WRECK more roads here, buy somewhere else or learn to cross a street.

Sharon Deyeso

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  1. Hi, I sympathize with this posting re Governor’s Avenue. In my dealings with the City of Medford MA Engineering Department I have found them to be crudely dishonest and acting in the interest of parties other than the public good and the citizens who pay their salaries. In the recent past the City’s Engineering Department was excellent because it was headed by a superb City Engineer whose name escapes me (hired by Mayor McGlyn) but who was brutally & unfairly fired by the dubious Mayor Breanna Lungo whose poor judgement replaced him with a shockingly less experienced person who a year or two later was promoted to DPW Commissioner and a new City Engineer was then hired who formerly worked for Somerville but left that job under a cloud. All the problems with all the departments and the incompetency I have run across since McGlyn’s departure I attribute to poor hires by Mayor Lungo and her dubious leadership. Please vote on November 7th. The City needs Competent leadership and luckily it looks like there are a few old-timers of very high-quality running for Mayor & City Councillor who have the knowledge, experience and integrity essential to good governance. Just read the bios of the people running and it is obvious who these high-quality people are with the actual experience & background to do the job. They have my vote and I thank them most gratefully for running and reiterate Please Vote on Nov. 7th.

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