This Week’s QUOTABLE QUOTES on Beacon Hill

By Bob Katzen


“Former Gov. Charlie Baker had no authority to mandate the experimental COVID shots and deny religious accommodations to these state troopers. Let us never forget this insanity. This is a great victory for these troopers and more public servants must also be reinstated and given back pay.”

—Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver on an arbitrator’s decision that seven state troopers who were suspended in 2021 for refusing the COVID-19 shot for religious reasons must be reinstated and receive retroactive pay and earned seniority.

“This significant expansion of the [program] will make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible for residents of all income levels. Residents will now be able to get their rebates the day they buy their car, instead of waiting for the funds to come in. And income-eligible folks will now be able to get additional rebates, including for used vehicles. This is a great development in our efforts toward an equitable clean energy transition.”
—Gov. Healey announcing changes to the Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles Program which provides rebates for the purchase or lease of battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.

“Healthcare is a right not a privilege. Medicare for All ensures we affirm that belief through policies that make it true, in practice, for all of our families.”
—Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo on the council’s passage of his resolution in support of state legislation that would establish Medicare for all in Massachusetts.

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