Tauro Asked: What of the 24 items you have listed are your top 5 priorities and how do you plan on accomplishing them?

By William Tauro

On the new Somerville MA Political Discussion Page I was asked a series of questions, and I would like to share my replies! And I strongly suggest that you check out this Somerville MA Political Discussion Page where they let you speak the truth, produce facts and voice your opinions without being censored nor blocked! 

Poster ask question:

William Tauro thank you. As a voter I’m tired of punch lists that generalize a host of goals. It’s what every candidate does. What of the 24 items you have listed are your top 5 priorities and how do you plan on accomplishing them?
Everything proposed costs money. We already know residents are taxed every which way. Do your plans include tax increases to execute? If not, what parts of the current city budget will be reallocated to achieve your goals?

My response to his last question:

To answer Marko Zaric’s question: First and foremost, I will say, that all commitments that I have listed on my website are very important to myself and to the community. I will accomplish all twenty six commitments without hesitation of the twenty six campaign commitment topics that I have listed. I will tackle and accomplish all twenty six and more as we hit the ground running in office. If I had to choose five or six topics that I would do in order, I would choose:

13) Police and fire department funding: I will ensure that our police and fire departments have the resources and proper training that they need to protect our community.

9) Schools: I will prioritize the education of our children by investing in our schools and ensuring that all students have access to quality education including the rebuilding and much needed repairs of our dilapidated school buildings immediately.

12) Violence, drugs, and gangs: I will address the root causes of violence, drug abuse, and gang activity in our city, working towards prevention and rehabilitation.

1) Homelessness:I will prioritize the needs of the homeless and work towards creating affordable housing options for them.

12 )Rodents: I will address the issue of rodents in the city by implementing effective new and modern pest control measures.

8)Roads and bridges: I will prioritize the maintenance and repair of roads and bridges to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

4) Affordable housing: I will make affordable housing a top priority in my administration, working to ensure that everyone has access to safe, affordable housing.

My team and myself would take a seriously deep dive into the proposed budget. I would eliminate of the $100 million proposed budget the earmark for a new municipal building and rather instead put it towards building a new Winter Hill School, rebuilding many of the other existing schools that are in disrepair and restoring the old City Hall that we have now before it is lost forever due to the many years of neglect of non-maintenance.

Overall, my campaign promises to and will prioritize the needs of the residents of Somerville, working towards a more equitable, safe, and prosperous community.

If elected I will be bringing people together and be a mayor for everyone!

Please check out my full website (Getting to Know My Intentions If Elected): http://www.Williamtauro.com

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