Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Attempt to Commit Crime x2, Resisting Arrest)

I, Officer Mark McLaughlin of the Somerville Police Department, report the following summary of facts:

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, I worked my assigned 8 AM-4 PM shift in full uniform, operating marked cruiser West-6.

At approximately 11:17 AM, while conducting a walking patrol in the Davis Sq. area, dispatch informed me that CVS Pharmacy at 1 Davis Square had just been robbed. Officers Robert Taylor (W-7) and Jamey Thompson (R-6) responded as backup. Upon arriving at the scene, CVS employees XXXX and XXXX provided their account, stating that a tall male wearing a black hoodie and a plastic Halloween mask entered the store carrying a bag and demanded money. The suspect then revealed a firearm after opening the bag. Ms. XXXX instructed him to go to the register and take what he wanted. The suspect then fled the store.

While conducting my interview at CVS, dispatch informed me that they had received a call reporting a robbery in progress at Chipotle located at 274 Elm St., which is in close proximity to CVS, and that the suspect matched the same description. I promptly left CVS and proceeded to Chipotle, accompanied by Officers Taylor and Thompson.

Upon entering Chipotle, I saw a male matching the description provided by dispatch and CVS staff. I noticed that the individual was wearing a Halloween mask and had his hands inside a backpack. I then drew my department-issued firearm and ordered the suspect to show me his hands. He then fled through a side exit, and officers gave chase through Davis Sq. plaza. During the pursuit, the suspect discarded his bag, which was later recovered by Officer Thompson. Officer Thompson and Taylor apprehended the suspect in the parking lot on Herbert St., and he was placed under arrest. It is worth noting that the suspect, later identified as Jimril Noor, was still wearing the mask at the time of his apprehension. Mr. Noor claimed that it was merely a joke and intended as a prank, expressing concern that his parents would be furious and that his life was ruined.

Following the arrest, I returned to Chipotle to conduct a follow-up interview. Officer Thompson retrieved the discarded bag, which contained a fake gun and one kitchen silver kitchen knife and another knife with a green handle (for more details, refer to the supplemental reports). I spoke with XXXX at Chipotle, who stated that he was working as the cashier when a tall male wearing a black hoodie and a mask approached the counter with his hands in his bag, giving the impression of concealing a weapon. The suspect demanded money, and Mr. XXXX informed him that he was experiencing difficulties unlocking the register. The suspect then instructed him to find someone who could. Mr. XXXX subsequently went to the back office to alert his manager, XXXX, that they were being robbed and requested her assistance in opening the safe. Ms. XXXX promptly dialed 911, and officers arrived shortly thereafter.

In addition to interviewing witnesses, I reviewed surveillance footage at Chipotle, while Officer Taylor reviewed the footage from CVS (for more details, consult the supplemental report). The video evidence revealed a masked male wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses over the mask approaching the counter with his hands in a bag. The cashier raised his hands and attempted to open the register. The suspect then fled the store. I would note that suspect in the surveillance footage was the same individual we had in custody. Copies of the surveillance footage can be provided upon request. The mask and gun will be placed into evidence.

Mr. Noor arrested and charged with two counts of attempt to commit masked armed robbery and resisting arrest. Officer Kyle Lentini transported him to the station in prisoner transport unit 200, and Lt. Diogo DeOliveira booked him in the usual manner.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer Mark McLaughlin

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