Letter from the Editor:Explaining Details of Last Week’s Murder to a Keyboard Poster Online on The Somerville MA Community Page Website

By William Tauro

Poster Online Comment From Edward Faulkner:

As was totally predictable, this was a domestic crime. Which means it has nothing to do with whether the area is safe. And makes Billy seem even more unhinged for suggesting there should have been robo calls.
Let the police do their jobs and investigate this family tragedy. Trying to drag it into your culture war is just gross.

William Tauro’s Comment Answer:

Edward Faulkner, unhinged? Sorry that you feel that way about me. Aside from it being very cruel, it’s not really classy to talk like that.
If you don’t like me, personally, or you don’t agree with my politics simply just don’t vote for me, but keep it classy without cheap keyboard bashing attacks.

I strongly believe in public safety for the community and regarding this murder my sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers, go out to the victim and yes to the daughter, who committed the crime the suspect. For those seven days, nobody knew the circumstances of the murder or her daughters mental status. But if my next-door neighbor killed somebody and she was still allowed to roam free in an apartment building with families with children and seniors on every floor for seven days and is wrong. Especially where nobody in the community was notified about this murder that is yes, a major concern to me and it’s very disturbing. The murder occurred on a Friday night and I reported it on the following Tuesday when I found out about it and the city still didn’t notify the public until that following Thursday morning. The City of Somerville for the past eight years has been known for not notifying the residents of Somerville of what’s going on. There was a similar circumstance one day last month where the Somerville Police responded to a call for a domestic dispute on Jacque Street where there was a man walking around Broadway at 3:30pm with a gun for 2 1/2 hours and no one in the community was notified about it all the while it was 80° outside while a dozen of children were playing in front of the library.
So again yes, It’s very concerning to me. Public safety should be a top priority and no matter the situation, the community should be notified immediately. The city has done this many times on many different occasions not notifying the community. So please understand why I beg to differ with your comment. That’s my opinion.


One thought on “Letter from the Editor:Explaining Details of Last Week’s Murder to a Keyboard Poster Online on The Somerville MA Community Page Website”

  1. Ed Faulkner’s adolescent adjective to critique Billy Tauro’s opinion is simply Ed’s obviously immature personal need to disparage Billy Tauro, for whatever reasons.
    If that adjective were to be appropriately and correctly used…maybe best to describe the alleged murderer, not the person trying to identify the alleged murderer, the location of the alleged murder in an attempt to give the public a heads up to take
    special notice of any suspicious activities in their area.
    Ed, hypothetically, for instance, if you discovered this same alleged murderer hiding in your backyard…upon discovery, maybe you would have appreciated a “back story” via a robo call…so at least to be more mentally prepared…
    Billy Tauro is a thoughtful, logical individual who has common sense.
    There are certainly many Somerville Officials to whom your choice of slang adjective is accurate…Billy Tauro is NOT one of those people.

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