Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Disabilities Act? Not in Somerville!

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

As I read this little paragraph: “A new ADA Field Associate will also add technical expertise to oversee Americans with Disabilities Act compliance across the city. 
Supporting a Healthy, Resilient Environment”

I can’t imagine that because of this little notice that anything like this will happen here. I have seen nothing to help us here with mobility problems except to add to the problem. The mayor sat in that chamber when I had a special meeting because of all the problems that the city impacted on the elderly and those with mobility issues.

Broadway is by far the worst mistake made in this city for that. Overnight the elderly can no longer go and get their nails done or hair or go to the Somerville Retirement board as the city took all access away from them in one shot. Never mind the impact on those in the apartment buildings as well. Even with a letter from the ADA and nothing was done by this city. Besides the fact of the unsafe conditions that has caused so many accidents seen weekly there.

The inability of mobility impaired people to get to the bus stops they took away. Much caused by the mostly unused bike lane still there with the rare appearance of a bike. And let’s not forget the small businesses there losing a good portion of their income. No one in the city administration cares. It has been totally ignored by this mayor and the last one. And of course Brad Rawson does not fix his mistakes.

The most bikes seen was on a night with a 5 car police escort and Brad Rawson and Mark Neidergang went to the bar. Imagine being escorted to the bar by the police. In this city of course. To celebrate screwing over the seniors and mobility impaired. We have such sick people employed by us. Yet out new mayor does nothing to help even after being shown the problem.

People here need to wake up and get all elected officials out of here before it gets worse. We were brought up to respect and help those in need. Not persecute them. This statement is for running for office and made to sound good. We need action and we need it now. Even more we need a mayor. We do not have a mayor. Only a person with that title. Does anyone elected have a conscience?

I guess we all know that answer?

Arthur Moore

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