Letter from the Editor:Why Is 90% of Somerville City Hall Still Closed?

By William Tauro

Can anyone please explain to me why 90% of Somerville City Hall is still closed? As I noticed the only departments that are open is the election department on the basement level and the Tax Collector on the first floor level. Why are all the other departments still closed and working from home? Is it just me finding this disturbing or is anyone else wondering why?

I was at city hall last week when I saw what appeared to be an 80+ year old elderly woman painfully walking up four flights of stairs to go up to the fourth floor to find out the department in which she was going to wasn’t open. Then minutes later out of disgust she came back down four flights of steps, and expressed her opinion of what she really thought of our Somerville leaders and it wasn’t pleasant.

I could see that they were closed during the pandemic, but here we are in June 2023 and there’s no excuse to have city hall staffers working from home anymore at their own convenience when we the taxpayers are hoofing the bill for our municipalities to run efficiently. 

“When just ok just isn’t good enough!”

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