Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: The Grinch That Stole Somerville

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Brad Rawson. I never knew his name until the great Winter Hill Broadway disaster. Which to this day is not corrected. Mostly unused bike lane where rarely is seen a bike. Where parking is still removed from the small businesses and of all things the Somerville retirement board where some to this day still can no longer go due to this mostly unused bike lane.

There are handicapped people in the apartment buildings that struggle to get in and out. There are some daughters I know of that this makes it almost impossible to go and help their mothers and park nearby to bring all the things to their mothers that they need. Can’t have a family gathering there as all parking is now taken. The handicapped and elderly can no longer do business at the stores there. I went to meetings and all Mr. Rawson did was refer to his computer giving facts that could not even be had yet. Caught him so many times trying to do this. Finally had to tell him to go and look and use his eyes. Enough already with the computer games. Anyway, several years later it is no better. Many days I can’t get down my street as waiting for tow trucks to remove cars. Accidents every week since the bus lane was put in. Then sometimes I see car parts on the ground coming home so I have missed a few. Bus stops removed so I had to give up taking busses as no longer have one I can get to. As you can see when he screws up something this big it does not get corrected. Lowell St. The coffee shop has no parking in front of it. Before them there was parking there for many years. Christine’s on Highland. Moved in and parking went. Kelley’s, big huge sidewalk to take away parking. Let’s not even mention Powder House the biggest joke in town. And an insult to our historical Powder House. I hate to go there and even look at it. Except when I bring home some seniors for a dinner, I go by so they can have a good laugh. Common phrase is Twilight Zone. Cedar St. Stupid plastic poles that go bump through the night. I got calls about being kept awake all night from people hitting them. One lady lost her husband then was dealing with that too. Got sick and had to deal with that. Now died and I am sure that didn’t help. I went to a house in Medford to do some work this week and without even saying anything they brought up his name. I will say for someone we didn’t know existed his name is now brought up to me a lot now. And these sweet elderly people are using words I won’t use here to describe him. Granted they are hurt so much by what he has done to them I can see why they feel this way. Did I mention not being able to take the right turn going into the round about to Warren St.? Of which many do and still wonder why one can’t. Look at the mess on Temple St. It was running pretty smoothly but not now. Got those idiot island’s now. Who would do that? Then we have the bench fiasco, another brainstorm. It’s one disaster after another. How many years can one stay employed without doing one thing right? There are parts of Somerville I no longer go to so I don’t know what kind of mess he has made there. I am still waiting to hear of any of his mistakes that he has corrected. Guess I have a long wait. How can one person cause so much destruction and harm to our community and still remain employed here? In trying to look for the good in him I have yet to find one project that has been done with common sense and fits the needs of the area. If it exists, I am not made aware of it. Why can’t we have a nice city that everyone is included in it’s development and the elders who we are taught to honor and respect are treated in such a manner that is disgraceful. It’s not right and should not be tolerated by any decent human being in this city. We need to make Somerville nice again. He has stolen our once nice city.

Arthur Moore

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