Letter from the Editor: The City of Somerville Overstepping It’s Boundaries

By William Tauro

Since when does the city become landlords? The city is overstepping it’s boundaries! That’s how corruption begins!

In other words …. Developers can play Monty Hall “ let’s make a deal with the city “

Star market site
288 units –
2 6 story buildings
No parking
293 bike racks

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor: The City of Somerville Overstepping It’s Boundaries”

  1. Some cities in Europe own about half the housing stock, and are not cesspools of corruption. It’s just a way to keep housing prices lower for some number of units, without ruining free market incentives to build more and keep up with maintenance. I strongly prefer this to rent control, and to doing nothing.

  2. Not only that…but no parking…but a 293 space bike rack…the dream of every occupant riding a bike and no occupant owning a car. But the main premise of overstepping boundaries…another grab by the city…outrageous.

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