By Bob Katzen

The Senate 4-35 rejected an amendment that would reduce from 20 percent to 10 percent the gaming excise tax for in-person betting and from 35 percent to 12.5 percent the tax for mobile bets and daily fantasy sports.

“This amendment creates a much more practical accounting for taxes that reflects the market realities that are present in the sports wagering industry across the nation,” said amendment sponsor Sen. Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester). “If you want to have a successful sports wagering business in the commonwealth then the tax rates in the bill have to be more realistic and practical.”

Senate Ways and Means chair Mike Rodrigues (D-Westport) urged senators to defeat the amendment. “One of the missions of this particular bill was to provide the best benefit for the commonwealth’s citizens and taxpayers, not the best benefit for the online gaming operators that want to work here.”

(A Yes” note is for the reduction. A “No” vote is against it).

Sen. Patricia Jehlen No

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