Somerville’s Two Year Crash Site Still Going Strong

By Arthur Moore

Here we go today. A constant happening here at Fenwick and Broadway. This is not new, we have several crashes a year since the bus lane went in. I spot them every so often in the few minutes I go down my street.

So in all the other hours who knows really how many. Some in the first month had cars on top of cars the crashes were so bad. This is what happens when you have someone like Brad Rawson in charge. There will be more shortly being that this is the wrong design for this tiny piece of road. I have been saying this since day one and every week I am proven right. One would think after two years of this failed stolen idea we would return it to a safe street once again. When I asked about it I was told they did this in Cambridge. Well this is Somerville and each street is different. We have had way too many crashes here to avoid the issue. Never mind my two year fight trying to help the devastating effect on the lives of the elderly and the handicapped here. Then we have the bike lane which rarely ever gets a bike on it. Making life miserable for the small businesses here and once again the handicapped that can’t even go to these places. Enough is enough. Why can’t we go back to having a safe street again? I would like to get to my house without getting killed from this mistake that does not belong here. Put some people in charge who know what there are doing. I have many photos of crashes here plus what was in the paper. Just way too many.

2 thoughts on “Somerville’s Two Year Crash Site Still Going Strong”

  1. They made it so dangerous having the cars park in the middle of the street and the bike path at the curb. Coming in and out of the driveways & side streets are so difficult. The cars flying up and down Broadway does’nt help either. It’s so f*d up!

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