Somerville White Plastic Pole Complaints

By Arthur Moore

To the current administration Spring 2022 and the dreaded plastic poles.

Since many poles are gone and some are in places that have no business being placed back into use I am hoping that now maybe some common sense can be used in the use of these poles. First is Broadway Winter Hill. They have been a burden on the small businesses, the handicapped and less mobile citizens.

And seeing that there is almost of usage of this for a bike lane it makes more sense to help our small businesses that have been double hit by this and the virus. We need to be helping them instead of cripplingly them. Even the ada has asked for help on this as people in the apartment buildings that are handicapped have had a struggle. It would be the right thing to do if anyone actually cares. Next is the ones on Cedar Street. I know on the lower part I have heard from people who cannot gets a nights sleep due to the constant sound of these being hit all night. Finally with them gone they can once again get a nights sleep. The street is wide enough and well marked that these pole are really not needed anyway. So why torment these people? Next are the ones on Lowell Steet. We have a new coffee shop that opened and poles are right in front of the place. Seems it would help the business if people could stop and grab coffee to go. The glass place had that parking for years without a problem. Now we have a business that could use the parking. And now they have those poles in front of it. Actually that whole part of the street has those poles at random all over the place with no rhyme or reason for them. If you are going to use these poles then someone should put some effort and common sense into the use of them. Plus once down they lay around the streets and make them look as crappy as the ones still standing. Does nothing to enhance our once beautiful city. I only commented on these as I see them and hear from the people. Let’s do the right thing for all people of Somerville in 2022.

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