Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (ABPO, Resisting, Disorderly, Intimidation)

On Monday, March 14, 2022, while working a day shift, assigned to marked unit East 2, at approximately 2:05 PM I was dispatched to Somerville located at 361 Somerville Ave, for an alarm call. Marked units East 1 (Officer Samir Messaoudi), and East 3 (Officer Brian Pavao), and S8 (Sgt. Wolf Berrouet) responded as backup.

Somerville Police control received a call from the alarm company as a confirmed break and entering, and the reporting party was on scene. Upon arrival, we noticed a white male party, later identified as James Hargrove, standing in front of the business, in company of a dog. James was having a phone conversation, via earphones. James appeared to be under the influence, and had a odor of alcohol from his breath. I asked James if he was the owner of the establishment, and he responded “can you just turn this alarm off”. I told James that were there for a confirmed Break and Entering, and I needed to identify him has the owner of the establishment. He stated that it took us hours to respond, and at that point he did not need our assistance. I reassured James that we responded within minutes of being dispatched.

James refused to identify himself upon request. Officers Messaoudi and Pavao also tried to explain to James the reason for having to identify him. James finally provided me with his MA driver’s license, which I called it in to our dispatch for verification.

While waiting for dispatch to verify ownership of the business, James stated that he did not need our assistance and he wanted us out of his business. I explained to James that we still do not have a confirmation from dispatch and needed to make sure there are no signs of a break. As Officer Pavao tried to enter the business to confirm if a break in occurred, James stood in the doorway and refused to allow him to enter. During the interaction James stuck both his middle fingers at us, stating he does not like the police and he has no respect for us. James was extremely belligerent during the entire interaction. James got extremely close to Officer Pavao, within inches of his entire body. Officer Pavao asked James to step to the side, and James pushed Officer Pavao. At this time Officer Pavao attempted to place James in handcuffs, James was resisting by twisting his body and pulling away. While trying to assist Officer Pavao, I was pushed by James. James repeatedly stated that the establishment had cameras and was recording everything that was taking place, and that we (Somerville Police), didn’t have cameras.

James repeatedly told us we were making a mistake, as we did not know who he was. While in handcuffs, James made a stern eye contact with me and asked if I was sure I wanted to arrest him, and assured me I was making a mistake. James asked if I knew who he was, and that I was going to regret my decision. I asked James if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages, and he stated that he had 1 drink.

While waiting for Unit 200 to transport James, he attempted pulling away from us, screaming that we were making a mistake, and raising his voice. During this interaction, James’s behavior caught the attention of passersby.

James was transported to the Station by Unit 200, and was booked in the usual manner, by Lt. Holland. James was charged with the following charges: 265/13D/A A
& B On Police Officer, 272/53/F Disorderly Conduct, 268/13B/D Witness Intimidation, 268/32B Resisting Arrest.

Respectfully submitted,

Edna DaCosta #346
Somerville Police Department

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