By Bob Katzen

“Massport is committed to working with our surrounding communities to reduce our impacts to the environment, while remaining focused on supporting the region’s economy. Massport’s Roadmap to Net Zero aligns with the commonwealth’s climate goals.”
—Massport Board Chairman Lew Evangelidis announcing Massport’s plan to reduce carbon emissions across all facilities and become Net Zero by 2031.

“She’s no stranger to elective office which should make us all feel good.”
— House Speaker Ron Mariano introducing Irish Minister of Education Norma Foley prior to her speech to the House.

“Our administration continues to work closely with our statewide municipal partners to help identify ways in which they can make further improvements to their transportation infrastructure. This legislation includes additional authorization to support investments in cities and towns to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety and invigorate our downtown community public spaces through several grant programs.”
—Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito on Gov. Charlies Baker’s proposed $9.7 billion infrastructure bond bill to advance and support significant investments in the state’s transportation and environmental infrastructure.

The education experience of all of our students — regardless of their ancestral, racial and ethnic backgrounds — will be enriched by having a diverse set of educators throughout their learning years. Our students, who themselves represent ever more diverse backgrounds, need our public schools to be recruiting and retaining more educators of color and educators from varied backgrounds.
—Massachusetts Teachers Association President Merrie Najimyds on legislation that would increase educator diversity.

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