By Bob Katzen

The House gave initial approval to legislation that allows police to tow away and keep in storage for 12 hours the vehicle of anyone who is incapacitated following the use of drugs. The measure defines “incapacitated” as “disorderly, unconscious, in need of medical attention, likely to suffer or cause physical harm or damage property.”

“This bill, if passed into law, would close a loophole that currently does not permit our first responders to prevent an individual resuscitated from a drug overdose from immediately getting behind the wheel again,” said sponsor Mike Day (D-Stoneham). “It will impose the mandatory 12-hour impoundment of a vehicle operated by an individual rescued from a drug overdose. We have seen instances when individuals are revived from the throes of a drug overdose and then immediately get back behind the wheel of their car, imperiling their own recovery and putting the public at great danger. This bill would be a step in the right direction of increased public safety and I am very happy it is moving forward. I will continue to advocate and work for its passage into law.”

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