By Bob Katzen

“Before deciding to impose new fees on riders, the MBTA should re-examine its fare collection contract, and adopt a Low-Income Fare that would save low-income people millions.”
— Collique Williams of the Public Transit Public Good Coalition on the failure by the MBTA board to create a Low-Income Fare for MBTA riders.

“PFAS is a toxic chemical already contaminating an alarming number of local water resources throughout the commonwealth—spewing it into the air and atmosphere would exacerbate the existing problem and pose a constant threat to the public health of those nearby. Until proper safety standards are put in place, we really ought to press ‘pause’ so that developers do not pollute the air and water we need to survive.”
—Sen. Mark Pacheco (D-Taunton) on the State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Committee recommending passage of his bill that would establish a moratorium on the procurement of PFAS-emitting structures and activities.

“Operation Money Wise empowers our veterans and their families to make informed financial decisions. With this funding, more service members will have access to resources and tools that will help them improve their economic well-being.”
— State Treasurer Deb Goldberg announcing the state is now accepting applications for grants that support veteran-serving non-profit organizations, public agencies and higher education institutions to improve pre-existing financial education programs or to create new ones aimed at increasing personal finance knowledge within the Military, Veteran, Family, and Survivor Community.

“Boston’s coastal waters are at risk of dangerous, toxic pollution, The public spent millions to clean up Boston Harbor decades ago, and sustaining that incredible progress requires the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) to get serious about doing its job properly.”
— Heather Govern, Vice President of Clean Air and Water at the Conservation Law Foundation on its intent to sue the MWRA for Clean Water Act violations.

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