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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday to Patrick Tauro, FranCisco Meneses, Rosalia Fodera Lodato, Karen Gallo, Joe Brum, Matt Basteri,
David Foley, Robert D’Arcangelo, Maureen Fucile, Chris Adams, Richard Ferrari, Judy Taylor Barahona, Carlos Melo, Ryan Coneeny, Richie Belew, Andrea Revilla, Karen Hodgdon, Tom Harris, David Scanzillo, Emily Rose LaCourse, Kathy Teixeira (Henkle), Joe Ciampa, Melinda D. LaCourse (Melinda D. Benevides), Brian Cooke, Margaret Maclean, Anna McGovern, Daniel Robertson, Christine O’neil, Lucy Nunes-Vieira, Dan Sullivan, Patrick OHearn, Andy Kasparian, Cindy Dolson Linardy, Margaret Browne Berry Maclean, Eric Lampedecchio, Lisa Vitiello, Zhiqiang Strong LU, Julie O’Neil, Joan Young, Hilary Mochi, Pat Dorant, S.J. Basile, Julie Tarpey DiPasquale, David Gibbons, Tammy Grasso Naugler, Valerie Mcadams (Valerie Buscemi), Sarah Bento-Wesinger, Paul Goode (Cold Cas), Michael Butts, Jo Neary, Rich Bogosian, Kevin Obrien, Colleen Long, Nancy Rubin, Donald Johnson, Melissa Smith, John J Celli, James Ribeiro, John Alexander Green, Dana Cresta, Pamela McLean, Joe Consolo, Mario Maraia, Katie McDaid, Joe Ravesi, Mary Ann Sinclair, Phil Tammaro, Domenic Fazio, Normand Desrochers III, Debbi Piazza, Robert Atherton (B A), Sou Phonyothy, David J. Koehn, Tony Nunes, Jimmy DeFeo, Paul Tansino, Eileen May, Diana Palomino, Jill Mcd, Mrs O’Connor, Happy 90th Birthday to Natalie Harbinson Lamb and Happy 9th Birthday to Madison!
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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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