By Bob Katzen
The Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture held a virtual hearing on legislation that would allow licensed raw milk farmers to deliver raw milk directly to the consumer. Current law allows only the on-farm sale of raw milk.

The bill would also allow farmers to sell raw milk to consumers through third-party cooperative buying clubs. This would allow consumers to join together and have the milk delivered to a nearby location so each individual consumer does not have to travel miles to the few farms that sell on-site.

“This not only supports local farmers but allows consumers to access a product that they want but cannot often get because of proximity issues,” said sponsor Sen. Anne Gobi (D-Spencer). “In addition, the bill would create a properly regulated and uniform system through the Department of Agricultural Resources that allows the department to adopt reasonable rules and regulations for the sale of raw milk that will help ensure proper safeguards are being met for both the farmers and consumers’ benefit.”

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