City of Medford Seeks to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations through State Grant

To date, Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability has applied to add new charging stations at Hormel Stadium and Carr Park. The Office is working on additional applications for more stations through MassDEP.

MEDFORD – The City of Medford is expanding availability of publicly-accessible Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, Mayor Lungo-Koehn and the Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability announced this week. The City recently applied for grant funding through the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) to add two new charging stations in Medford, doubling the City’s currently-available public charging stations. Sites under consideration include public lots as well as school locations. The Office of PDS is also currently working to identify more locations and plans to apply for additional grant funding to expand options. If approved, the MassDEP grant funding would be used to add charging stations at Hormel Stadium and at Carr Park. Medford currently has two charging stations: one at City Hall and one at Medford High School.

“We are looking to add more EV charging stations to encourage the adoption of electrical vehicles in Medford, and we’re exploring ways to add them to the business districts to attract shoppers to our districts,” said Alicia Hunt, Director of the Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability. “We also hope to facilitate and assist private entities with putting charging stations on their properties; there are grant and incentive opportunities for private owners both for workplace charging and for stations available to the general public.”

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