Letter from the Editor:Somerville City Hall Still Closed at Your Expense

By William Tauro

Nothing like making Somerville last in the nation again! City Hall should have been open months ago with no excuses along with all of our city buildings! The payroll never stopped since day one and it still continues even though all the doors are locked! 

The useless city Councilors and especially the two that are running against me for Mayor should’ve spoke up for the people of Somerville instead of sitting on their hands collecting a check! Curtatone‘s other puppet, Peter Miller‘s wife Mary Cassesso is another beaut as well. These three people who are running against me for Mayor sat and watched Joe Curtatone pilferage our city for years but did nothing about it until I got rid of Curtatone by forcing his hand to not run for reelection. Now that I did all the leg work, they’re trying to step in for all the credit! Remember in November!

It’s time for change in Somerville! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

 City Buildings Reopening to the Public July 12, Many City Services Still Available Online

All City buildings will reopen to the public on Monday, July 12 with limited staffing. Both visitors to City buildings as well as staff will be required to wear face coverings while inside the buildings. Staff will be available on a walk-in basis in all departments for quick transactions like paying a bill or picking up a document. For matters that will take longer, residents will need to schedule an appointment with City staff. Many City services are also available online and, whenever possible, residents are encouraged to continue to use online services.

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