What has happened to the city in the last ten years?
The citizens deserve the right to know…
Two of you have been directly involved in the decisions that have created what we see today!
Where has expenditures gone as far as protecting the public safety?

Rodents are running ramped and crime is concealed but happening all over the community.

Health issues of environmental air quality within the elderly centers and the schools?
The construction throughout the city has left our sidewalks oversized and our streets full of obstacles and potholes. Where is the accountability to the constituents?

The fire department is borrowing valuable equipment and taxes are high, where is the monies being allocated instead of providing new engines for the Department?

Well, lets take a look… In the time that you have been a Councilor Will Mbah, The city and all its citizens witnessed you abusing city personnel and equipment. When you were called on it, you hoped it was not racial.. Of course it was not ,, and the city is tired of hearing someone cry wolf each time they get caught doing something illegal… You were offered to tell the truth and pay the city back for the financial burden it had to endure. Your response was that you contacted 311 which after investigating didn’t take place until days after the incident was reported. That is twice you tried to abuse your power of public official status. Disgraceful!

Katjana Ballantine, you are married to a developer that approached a family to purchase a certain parcel for 6.5 million dollars. When they refused the offer you had him verbally threaten to down zone the parcel. Immediately following the timeframe that this occurred, the Somerville City Council had a vote to downzone the particular parcel without any provocation or reasoning, and proof is available upon request. That demonstrates an abuse of power in your office held in one particular case. How many other cases are hidden? This is beneath the office of Councilor and you should be ashamed for abusing power.

Mary Cassesso, your husband was directly involved with Black Horse Development that purposely took multiple properties from owners for personal benefit and used the Mayor as the reasoning. We all know what Joe Curtatones actions have done to dozens of families over his reign.
People can read up and shake their head in denial but many victims have suffered at the hands of these individuals and now they would like to keep the ball rolling by having one of them take over and be controlled by Joe Curtatone and his group of developers. This is not a hard common sense issue to decide.

The truth will only be revealed if one person gets into office,,, that person is William “Billy” Tauro…

It’s time for change! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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