The Unsung Hero’s, The Somerville SAFD/CERT Team

Photos by CERT Team Facebbok page

By William Tauro

The Somerville Auxiliary Fire Department/Citizens Emergency Response Team (SAFD/CERT)Team has always been out there helping our community in a time of need. These brave men and women have gone unrecognized for what they do for the longest time until now. The CERT Team is a valuable asset to the citizens of Somerville and they should be commended for everything that they do. The SAFD/CERT Team has been part of our community since 1942.

Whether it’s assisting the Somerville Fire Department battling a major fire to helping a Somerville Resident pump out their flooded basements and/or supplying power to homes during power outages. Their trucks are equipped with onboard gasoline powered pumps and generating systems that they carry on their trucks, they are always there when we need them. City funding has not been great for them because they are still driving twenty-five and thirty-year-old trucks.

According to the city’s website, “About the Auxiliary Fire Department

The Somerville Auxiliary Fire Department operates under the direction of the Somerville Fire Department. It is a non-paying, non-profit organization whose members volunteer their time, energy and skills to provide support services to the Somerville Fire Department and various City agencies.
Auxiliary Fire Department members also provide services to the Residents of the City of Somerville, and mutual aid assistance to other communities as requested. The delivery of auxiliary fire services is a unique and complex undertaking. It requires service oriented volunteers who posses sound judgment, physical and moral courage, fidelity and personal integrity. Furthermore, providing auxiliary fire services is a team effort. Each member must posses a strong willingness and capability for being an integral part of a team.
The Somerville Auxiliary Fire Department operates three squad units. Each unit being set up for a specific type of emergency as well as being set up as a secondary back up unit. Having this abilty gives the auxiliary the flexibilty to be ready for the changing conditions during a response.”

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