2021, More Misery to Come to Somerville

By Arthur Moore

The powers that be are at it again. More ways to make your life miserable by screwing up the streets and parking here. Each and every time they get involved it has been nothing but more problems for the people who live here. I see Brad Rawson getting involved with McGrath highway now so we know what that means.

More bus lanes for fewer busses. Probably have it down to one lane so our life will be more miserable. I saw the road down by Lechmere Station and at a time when there is no traffic it was all backed up. This is going to be a real problem if we ever get going again. Right now things are not a problem until the city helps. Now they want to hire more people for the traffic department. This when we have less traffic? Nothing they have done so far has helped. Car crashes have increased here in the last couple of years. Look at Broadway. They have created a monster of a problem involving traffic and the livelihoods of the small business people and made the lives of seniors and handicapped people miserable. And they do not fix it when they screw up. The only hope we have now is to get through this year somehow until we get our new mayor. We simply cannot keep doing this to our city or we will have nothing left. None of us want a miserable place to live. We do have rights and these things should be in control of the people. Not the people we elected to do work for us and do the opposite of what their job is. These measures force people to go to other cities for their needs since we can’t get to them here. Many I know are saving up to move where they can get their life back and have freedom to shop and go to restaurants and other things in three life. They can no longer live this way and being treated in this manner. These measures insure the destruction of small business and ridding our community of seniors and handicapped people. Our sidewalks and streets are horrible. My parents fell many times trying to navigate the bad sidewalks. They are no longer here but the bad sidewalks still are. Other seniors fell in Davis Square and had to be rushed to the hospital from trying to walk the bad sidewalks. They are no longer here but the bad sidewalks still are. I can no longer ride a bike being handicapped. If I could there are too many streets I would not use my bike on as they are in such disrepair. I now drive a large SUV because it makes driving on the bad roads of this city more tolerable to my bones. And yet they want to screw it up even more? This not right and should not be tolerated. This is meant to be a democracy. Not being under the control of one’s thumb. The idea of changes is to make life better, not to destroy. At least we have hope to get our city back and put things back in their place for the people of Somerville. November is coming.

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