Somerville/Medford Speakup Line:Makes No Sense….cents

We all know cities and states occasionally waste money but also budget well some years. As logistics, safety, students, medical, and Seniors all need care,
We need to see money on Safety first as I wrote in a previous article.

We need to know we are spending on the Covid culprit and now the apparent inflation by the new Fed Administration. Our elected officials here should always plan
funds for a circumstance. Spending in times like now should make sense.

Maybe there are ways to curb spending and help the taxpayer…so seldom mentioned at Council except for some notes by Counilmen Marks, Caraviello, and Knight. For example, recently (think it is not voted yet) the CPA asked for
Appx $475,000 for repair on the W. MEDFORD stone wall and relics. Knowing their budget approved in these times as described above, why wouldn’t someone thnk of asking a graduate program to help by a fine, nearby college…NICE for them, NICER for us, mention this for next budget. Those funds surely could be examined annually…maybe newer, needed personnel could be hired or equipment at the upheaval in schools. These are just a novice’s ideas, but the saying is, “It just takes one.” Certain associations should have a review and clause to amend in bad or change in public repair, persons, need times. Some Associations can know reductions are not permanent…but ceilings should not be either. We have great ideas and history behind us…let us Make Sense!

Sharon Deyeso, Medford

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