10th Year Anniversary of Fatal Fairfax Street Somerville Fire

By William Tauro

This January 17 will be the 10th anniversary of that tragic fire that occurred at a home located at 65 Fairfax Street in Somerville on January 17, 2011 where two Somerville residents lost their lives.

On that morning of Martin Luther King Day at 11:58 AM 80 year-old Dorena Correia and her 47 year old son Louis, a mother and her son lost their lives in that fatal fire.

They were both found unconscious on the second floor of their Fairfax Street home as firefighters fought diligently to extinguish the fire.

Dorina Correia’s daughter Jennifer Lewis spoke to us and remembers that fatal day and asks all for prayers in remembrance of her mother and brother who tragically lost their lives that morning ten years ago this week.

Jennifer told us in an interview that “ten years feels like it was yesterday to me and life as I knew it has never been the same.”

Jennifer also asked that “We keep her mom and brother and her entire family in your prayers.”

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