New Front Line Workers?

By Arthur Moore

I must have misunderstood our governor when he said that front line workers like doctors and nurses will get the vaccine first, then the prisoners. I am wondering where the politicians fit in?

I see people like Markey and Pressley and others already getting shots from the limited supply that is on hand. Does this mean all doctors and nurses and emt’s and other people in that group are all vaccinated? And the prisoners are all vaccinated? Long term care facilities. No where in phase one do I see politicians.

Phase two comes close with public works. But again, no politicians. Phase three is the general public. Obviously they don’t fit there. Seems more like they are excluded. But wait! They are getting them before the people who save our lives. Or maybe no one thought of them when making the list as most are not all that important to our daily lives and well being.

I am 75 years old and I will not get this shot until every nurse, doctor, fireman, policeman, emt and so one that risks their lives each and every day for us gets theirs first. They deserve it if it they want it. I can wait. I refuse to be that selfish for those helping me and everyone else. If one doctor or nurse or anyone else that their living saves lives dies before they get the vaccine it is on these selfish politicians.

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