Traffic and Mobility in Somerville Help Needed

By Arthur Moore

It seems like every year it just goes more and more downhill here. More money is spent on signs and road painting that no one cares about or even pays attention. And we just keep painting over and over the same spots all year. Accomplishing zero except wasting taxpayers dollars.

Most just ignore this stupidity. Why not fix the streets and sidewalks with this wasted money? And the traffic lights? So many need work here. Timing as what they call it needs to be fixed. For years the one on Broadway across from the Winter Hill Bakery has been not working right or never was. There have been many complaints. Even myself I have asked and nothing gets done. The people complain about it as people keep honking their horns all the time as people just sit there not knowing it is a screwed up timing issue. And now for the best one. Four way pedestrian crossing lights and no one there. Why? There is a button on the pole to make the crossing lights go on. So why is the crossing lights going on so much for no one? So ridiculous. Do we need cars sitting idling for nothing causing pollution? Do we not have anyone in charge that can go out and fix the lights around the city? We do hire people here to do something I am sure. It’s time to get someone in charge that knows how to do this and get the job done. Do we not see street painting just before Winter where it will not last at all. Since people ignore it why not wait till Spring. Or is that too sensible. And those stupid wooden horses in splinters in the street. Are there sharp objects in them to get into our tires? Why are we not taking down these sawhorses for the Winter? And why do we need them on a one way street at the end? More waste. And if we get more Snow this year unlike last year will we finally see those pieces of plastic in the road that one day will filling up our landfill? Better there than making our city look ugly. People are paying an awful lot of money for real estate here and those silly poles are not exactly enhancing the look of the neighborhood. There has to be some person qualified to run this show here. I expect it is probably an appointed position which would explain why we don’t have anyone to do this job right. And the intent here is to make the streets and sidewalks here worse every year? And yet we are going to make mystic Ave and Washington street fast bus routes. Now that there is not traffic and the T is cutting back on it’s services. Does this seem sensible to do when there is no problem? Something is really wrong here. Spending money on stupid stuff and wasting it in a time of great need. So many more people are now going hungry. Like we are going to feed them this signage? Are the people we elect paying any attention to how much the country is in debt and it is getting worse by the moment. Yet we throw money at a non problem.

2 thoughts on “Traffic and Mobility in Somerville Help Needed”

  1. Arthur there is no great thought put into anything they do its a knee jerk or who does it first reaction.
    Those damn horses stating shared streets are good for nothing but a law suit. Pedestrians are dogging them along with bicyclists and cars.
    So i ask the genius whos idea it is who or what do i watch for first the horses lying damaged on the street, the bicyclist or the pedestrian.
    This city is a shit show everyday trying to navigate that along with every other street being dug up for one reason or another. This is destroying the newer paved streets. Once they cut and patch an area it heaves within the first winter or two and its worse than before.
    Its clear this administration has to go along with the 11 city councilors. Let’s get some common sense back in city hall.

  2. Great rainstorm. Took out many of the saw horses. Corners without them look so much nicer now. Except for the ones with splinters all over the streets or they are down the street on the sidewalk or landed into the side of someone’s car. Great planning Somerville

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