Representation In Ward 4 or Rather Lack of it

By Arthur Moore

I realize people think I am obsessed with restoring Broadway to help the small businesses and the disabled which maybe I am. I didn’t try to get into this. It was by accident. While trying to restore Broadway to stop the congestion and accidents there I found out what it was doing to these people.

I spent many hours learning about the problem and talking to the businesses and people there. And I have talked to a few people that bike there. I will say outside of one biker the rest were in agreement once they knew the problems. But the other side of this is that they came to me because there was nowhere else for them to go for help. Granted I am just a person but since I am involved in many ways with small business and seniors I understood very well. They had no one to represent them and help them through these difficult problems that no one was willing to help or speak up for them.

Our elected officials have failed them. They turned their backs to these people. The ones they were elected to work for. The ones they went to when they wanted them to vote for them. Why is it I can speak up for them but someone whose job it is cannot? And none of this has any bearing on me.

If Broadway stays the same or not it is not something that has any effect on me as I live off Broadway. Problem is I care. But having no one in Ward four to speak up or work for the people who took the job to do just that is not acceptable.

I am not going away. I will keep this up until we can help these people. Broadway Winter Hill and it’s councilor of ward four will not be forgotten. We need to go back to when people helped people, not kick them when they are down. And why is it after over a year of this trial on Broadway that was a dismal failure that no one in city hall has spoken up for or tried to do anything.

Well on that one we had one good one and she left. She at least spoke up and tried. It’s too bad the one thing that is done real well in city hall is ignore. Ignore it and it will go away. Not going to happen this time.

And they will certainly not ignore things under the new mayor Bill Tauro. That will end.

One thought on “Representation In Ward 4 or Rather Lack of it”

  1. Arthur they are a bunch of cowards rather than standing up for what makes sense they go with the flow of whichever the wind is blowing best.
    I remember seeing some stickers years ago abc they should bring them back. Anyone but Councillors. Once the high paying taxed property owners realize how much they are paying for nothing they will flee In their bmw,s and volvo,s to the suburbs and the values will decrease losing revenue and properties that were maintained.
    Hopefully some of them will be those that are currently holding a seat. Somerville can do without the ridiculous ordinances and changes they have implemented.
    The story on the street the Mayor will be going but the question is in a set of cuffs or a failed election.
    2001 is around the corner time will tell.

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