Letter from the Editor:BLM Paint Job Runs

Congratulations to Mayor Joe Curtaphony who spent over $15,000-Plus of hardened taxpayer dollars to paint Black Lives Matter (BLM) in bright yellow letters on this past weekend’s Saturday and Sunday.

Well here we are on Wednesday it all washed away during the first rainstorm only four days later! What did you use water base paint? Joe you should be embarrassed of yourself!

One thought on “Letter from the Editor:BLM Paint Job Runs”

  1. There is more to this. The idea of having it in Magoun Square was for the small Black and minority business owners. This by the group who robbed and looted more small business of Blacks and Minorities than anyone else. Many with no insurance put out of business forever. Also for those who had insurance was the biggest amount of money paid by the insurance companies amounting to over one billion plus and counting heading towards two billion. And to add to this the expert of killing small business being at the head of it our mayor. What a slap in the face towards the black and minorities here.

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