By Bob Katzen

The House 159-0, approved a measure providing for the installation and maintenance of a plaque in the House chamber containing a portion of the address which Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered to a joint convention of the Massachusetts House and Senate in April 1965. The Senate approved the measure on a voice vote and sent it to Gov. Baker.

The plaque reads as follows: “Let me hasten to say that I come to Massachusetts not to condemn but to encourage. It was from these shores that the vision of a new nation conceived in liberty was born, and it must be from these shores that liberty must be preserved; and the hearts and lives of every citizen preserved through the maintenance of opportunity and through the constant creation of those conditions that will make justice and brotherhood reality for all of God’s children.”

“It was great news to learn that we are moving forward with the Massachusetts Black and Latino Caucus desire to memorialize the words of one of this state’s great and adopted sons, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Boston). “It is a proper fitting that this plaque will be similar in size and design to the current John F. Kennedy plaque. The two plaques will stand for future generations to read and be reminded of their great sacrifices for justice and for this nation.”

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