Increase Funding for the Somerville Police Department


By Arthur Moore

Photo by William Tauro

It is time we realize it is time to increase the funding for the Somerville Police Department. For those of us who live here in this city we need the best line of defense we can get against the criminal element. When a problem occurs 911 is the number we call for help. Every single day 24 hours a day someone is there to answer the call.

Being it violent or a medical emergency. We depend on this service more than we realize. We have to be realistic in that we need good people on the force. If you are not going to treat them decent then good people will not apply, they will go elsewhere. No matter what sickness is around they put themselves at risk for YOU. They have to stand in place and be assaulted as we do not allow them to use excessive force even when needed. We do not want them to use a gun unless they are shot and killed first. These are human beings, not mechanical robots and the majority have good intentions on doing the right thing.

We need the best people we can get on the force and the best equipment. If they have the risk their lives for you the least you can do is offer them some protection. Many of us have friends or relatives on the force and hear the stories about what goes on. And it is not good. Why do they have to go out and chase down a criminal or to go to court and get that miserly court appearance fee only to have the criminal walk.

The same ones over and over again. The police do not need us, we need them. Do the right thing and take care of them. There is always going to be a couple of bad apples in the work place. We are doing good here. Let’s not screw this up. We do not need to defund this because some BLM terrorist group says to. We can do it on our own if need be with the police involved. Not the council members who are just here for some part time job and are not on the force to know what it is all about. And as usual this will be another issue here where the people as usual will have no say in this as it will be decided by those part time voted in officials.

Why can’t we vote on these things? Why are we negotiating with terrorists? Why are we not allowed to have a democracy? And just for the record. I do not judge people based on color, race, religion, sexuality or gender.

I judge people on whether or not they are an asshole.

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