Somerville Deputy Police Chief Wars

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By William Tauro

With Somerville Police Chief Dave Fallon’s retirement announcement date to step down in December fast approaching, we are now hearing that one of the current deputy chiefs is being pressured to retire as well. The deputy chief is said to be being pressured to retire by the administration over a controversial photo of him putting a protester in a chokehold during a Boston protest.

The talk on the streets is that once the deputy that is sadly being accused of doing his job as trained with the use of a chokehold if needed leaves, this is placing the remaining deputy chief and one captain in their own private psychological competition between each other to possibly be considered to be the next interim police chief once Chief Fallon retires. One of them is using the “Taking a knee strategy” while the other one’s strategy is threatening the administration to step down because he wasn’t making as much money as he would if he wasn’t a deputy and eligible to do police details which prompted the deputy chiefs all recently receiving $10,000.00 pay raises from the mayor.

The remaining deputy chief and a captain are both trying to prove to the administration and to each other that one can be more disciplinary to the patrolmen and patrolwomen than the other especially where only one deputy chief will be remaining since the budget is being cut anyhow and one of them will be voted off the island and has to go. In my opinion both of them are still wet behind the ears and might need more training and experience to be chief. But then again, sadly the only experience needed to be chief in Somerville is to do what the mayor wants you to do and who can lick his boots the best.

Keep an eye on this bizarre contest between the two competing with each other to see which one of the two drinks the most Kool-Aid and who will be voted out and has to leave the island first.

This story is still developing…

4 thoughts on “Somerville Deputy Police Chief Wars”

  1. Lieutenant, sounds like someone pee’d in your cheerios. Therapy helps. The bible teaches to love your fellow man.

  2. What a shocker! Some of the slickest snakes in the pit are now crying about being ……..
    Wait for it……….Yes, you got it……. SNAKEBITTEN..
    What goes around comes around…. Three of the four in this photo stabbed me in the back repeatedly…..In broad daylight.over a period of years…… One of the four should vanish before his past comes completely to light…… He has everything to lose! NONE of them deserve the position! The Chief is an imposter and incompetent. Congratulations David for the public teet milking you have apparently gotten away with. Not bad for a moron!
    Retired Lieutenant Michael Mulcahy

  3. And to top it off, who would actually want the job. Is it going to be run by the BLM terrorists? Or the city council who is now taking orders from the BLM terrorists? Are they even going to be allowed to do their job? I don’t know who it will be but they will have to pucker up a lot and keep covering up stuff like the underage drinking party complete with stabbing and body parts copied on a copying machine and who knows what else.

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