Letter from the Editor:Somerville’s Washington Street Bridge Still a Wash

Washington St. bridge still flooding…..
2 years of work for what? 2 years of closure for what? Maybe drains are stuffed with the millions of wasted dollars..


3 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Somerville’s Washington Street Bridge Still a Wash”

  1. Wow, two years and how many millions and the couldn’t figure out how to improve the drainage and put in pumps? It worked on McGraph Highway near Stop & Shop.

  2. Not to worry it a once in a while heavy rain and the State just allocated 200 million for bridge repairs. I’m sure we can find time in the future and shut it down to do some repairs.

    You would think the engineers would have raised the bridge some more to talk out the decline in the road? We are not that sophisticated at the house on the hill.

    Buckets and floaties for all!

  3. Can’t you people stop making fun of this? We now have a public pool that we get filled for free! Just like the old days.

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