Letter From The Editor:Somerville Cop Taking Taxpayers For A Ride

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By William Tauro

How can a Somerville Police sergeant be on a paid medical leave for over a year or more while he’s working for a Cambridge Massachusetts landscaping company?

Sergeant Michael Kiely there on paid leave for more than a year while he’s working doing landscaping in the City of Cambridge. All at the same time that this taxpayer cheating moron is trying to go out on a heartbill in the City of Somerville. It must pay to be the mayor’s friend or somebody who has something on him really bad?

He’s used up all his sick days vacation days and the trick is what the city does now that time is up because he’s got zip left after next week. His last day on paper is coming up, but fear not, because he’s smart, so I’m sure he has an angle.

Recently on the Somerville City Council agenda, the city council had placed an item to be addressed regarding a Somerville Police officer who for the third time is attempting to get promoted to the rank of lieutenant.
The agenda call to order included Roll Call and Minutes Approval on: Item #208526 which read: “Requesting confirmation of the appointment of Michael Kiely to the position of Police Lieutenant.”
This police officer who the mayor requested for promotion at that time was a school resource officer at the Healy School in Somerville who was alleged to have placed his private genitals images onto a school city-owned computer and later texted it out on a city email to distribute the photographs over the internet on a school computer.
The photo of the officer’s genital organs on the school’s computer was allegedly later discovered by an elementary school teacher who then reported it to the Somerville Police Department.

This same Somerville Police officer has also been accused of stealing the identity of a fellow police officer of the Concord Massachusetts Police Department because he was allegedly dating the Concord officer’s ex-wife.

This cop also has been reprimanded as well for discharging off his service weapon in a crowded intersection on a Saturday afternoon in front of the East Cambridge Savings Bank that’s located on Highland Avenue.
So hats off to our Somerville City Council Committee Members that voted on this imbecile’s request for lieutenant.
Although I don’t agree on many of your decisions, I absolutely agree on this one. In my opinion this isn’t the end of the mayor’s and this administration’s attempt to promote this guy who should’ve instead been indicted.
I strongly believe that they will make a fourth attempt in the near future to get this snuck through and confirmed.
most important remember who requested this promotion, no other than Mayor Joseph Curtatone himself. Please remember that next November at the polls!

My question is how is his penis wielding pervert being able to still collect a large weekly paycheck from the Somerville Police Department in the City of Somerville on the taxpayers dime while he’s working for a landscaping company in Cambridge?

And you know me, I looked great today driving my red Corvette convertible with the top down, beeped at him and said “Hi Michael what’s up” he shit himself! Bahahaha!


This rouge Somerville Police Officer in my opinion is a criminal and he must be stopped!
Only in somerville! It’s in the Book!

11 thoughts on “Letter From The Editor:Somerville Cop Taking Taxpayers For A Ride”

  1. I attended one of Dante’s hearings at SPD. I thought it was a disgrace and a great injustice. I do not know Dante personally but I knew another officer who went through hell and was also forced out, acquainted with another who went through similarities in his case. As I have said time after time, the mayor and his criminal enterprise have far reaching tentacles. The bottom line is keeping their money train going. They found a way to lure unsuspecting investors into buying up properties then inflating values so their equity builds and is used to further their enterprising. It has become highly unsustainable due to the extremely poor mismanagement of the mayor. The police department is not immune to his many failures to keep our city on the right path. It’s a cross between a gambling casino and methadone mile. Frankly, for all the salaries going out for LE, we see very little presence of officers in the line of duty throughout our city. We know the mayor doesn’t want crime reported because it may effect condo values. But how long did he think it would last. Selling to unsuspecting millennials is not the same as selling to trust fund brats with wise parents who are the real investors. Our city has become a laughing stock and rightly so. Every department has its issues. The problem is the lack of leadership and accountability. I grew up here when our cops did their jobs. The mayor removed civil service from the equation. He has zero qualifications to be in a position of power, especially chief of police which he assumes that duty. With all that has occurred, isn’t it obvious?

  2. Same name of one who also worked for the city and that evil empire who protected the rogue cop. But some of us understand the difference between those who are tasked for clean up jobs and those responsible. Civil lawsuits protect identities so the general public remain kept in the dark. That’s how this city went from problematic to it being run by lunatics hell bent on greed and power. City employees who have a moral compass don’t last. The insiders push them out as do the evil empires. Some who last choose to look the other way or are compromised in one way or the other. Tough to give up that false sense of importance when they are really only sellouts and carpetbaggers looking to add to that worthless resume. The tides are turning.

  3. There is no such thing as an honest Somerville politician, or an honest Somerville cop.
    However, please learn the difference between rouge and rogue.

  4. Of course there are GOOD COPS out there. Otherwise, we would be living in NICARAGUA or MEXICO. Try that on for size. The fact is, the mayor wants his own rouge mercenaries. BOTTOM LINE…nothing else you need to know. There were other WRONGFUL TERMINATIONS over the past 6 years and he even hired his ex-brother-in-laws nephew which turns out was excommunicated by a “NO CONFINDENCE” vote by the police association at a local college. That’s what I call JUSTICE. They are rat bastards, everyone in that circle. Any good cop who tries to enter that cesspool is doomed. They either fall in line with the rest of the rouges or get set up and taken down. Unless you lived it, you are best to get educated and come back and tell us what you think. Until then, STFU. One of my good friends was tossed out because he exposed a dirty cop who was selling oxy to minors. This entire region is corrupt. The powers that be at the top of the chain have failed the people of Somerville. I hope they pay at election time. It’s time to kick them all out. TERM LIMITS. Get rid of that weasel and elect a man or woman of RESPECT. Not some worthless degenerate.

  5. BE HONEST. There is NO SUCH THING as a “GOOD COP”.
    That is as laughable as “an honest Somerville politician”.
    The SPD and the Curtatone family won the “night of the vespers” vis a vis the Winter Hill gang.
    Guess we know who won the title of “King of the Hill”.
    And Officer Jason… don’t think that Karma isn’t coming for you.

  6. Is Retired Lt. Mike a fraud too. Who comes on here writing glowing remarks about someone with serious allegations against him, but doesn’t deny any of it? One nice change in the Somerville Police Dept? Lt. Mike retired.

  7. Sgt. Kiely is one of the best officers on the Somerville Police force and also a very nice person. I can’t wait until Civil Service approves his promotion to lieutenant. Detective Dante is another story. Dante is not a very nice person and most cops call him a fraud. Big change will soon blow over the SPD and the city.

    1. Really LT?? I see you didn’t deny any of the allegations against him. But he’s a great officer.

    2. LT Mike, if “Detective Dante” is considered a fraud by most cops, I have two questions for you. 1.) How was “Detective Dante” selected as Officer of the Year two years out of the six years that he was employed by the SPD? An honor I am assuming is chosen by someone in the hierarchy of the SPD or fellow officers and 2.) Isn’t Sgt. Kiely literally quilty of committing a Fraudulent Act when he falsely used the identity of the Concord Police Officer in the incident involving Sgt. Kiely and the Concord Police Officer’s ex-wife as described in the story? Calling “Detective Dante” a fraud is kind of ironic after knowing Sgt. Kiely’s role in the Concord Police Department fiasco, which is the very definition of the word “Fraud.” Also LT, I honestly hope you are accurate about ” Big change will soon blow over the SPD and the city” because from what I have observed and read it’s certainly needed.

  8. I have started following your articles since the City of Somerville and the Somerville Police Department first elected to fire a true blue Police Officer, Dante Difronzo. I sat in on three public Hearings at the SPD in reference to Detective Difronzo’s wrongful dismissal, there’s no other way to put it. A police officer, who was Officer of the Year two years out of the six years he was employed by the SPD, to be fired for his alleged wrongdoings, is an insult to anyone who has had the opportunity and privilege to wear a police uniform in any city. I watched some inarticulate moron, who held the title of Captain and who allegedly conducted the investigation, which resulted in Detective Difronzo firing, sound like some third grade schoolboy attempting to explain to the teacher that “his dog ate his homework.” To watch him answer questions in reference to his pathetic half-assed nvestigation into Detective Difronzo’s alleged departmental violations gave me a migraine headache to think that Dective Difronzo and the many hardworking SPD police officers, many of whom packed the Hearing Room all three days, had to deal with a supervisor this incompetent. In 27 years of law enforcement I have never seen a case like Detective Difronzo’s, where a legitimate police officer. A man who truly loves being a police officer and who truly gave 110 percent everytime he represented the SPD during his working hours, gets fired as a result of this Captain’s abortion of a totally incomplete investigation as the Captain himself admitted during his testimony. Now to read your story about this guy Kiely, not only getting paid while out on leave, working a side job at the same time, and still being pushed for a promotion as opposed to being indicted, as you have correctly indicated, I can only say to Dective Difronzo and his family…I am heartbroken that the SPD and their Mayor have put you through this bullshit. Police work is difficult enough these days without having to deal with incompetence like this running your department and your city.

    1. I read you essay on Detective Difronzo, what struck Me the most is you fail to mention the Department Regulation He violated and what Law of the Commonwealth He violated. He should have faced Criminal Charges. Whatever good this Detective did was erased by the Crimes committed.

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