Automobiles, Somerville and the Virus

By Arthur Moore

After Memorial Day I see our traffic is starting to build up. Now Broadway is having occasional backups even with the light traffic. And now they are playing around with a shared street program to further make things more difficult and at a time when most cities are concentrating on the virus problem and reopening safely. Of which we are behind most cities and really need to work on catching up, not adding to the problem. In the upcoming weeks we will be facing challenges like we never had before. We need to focus on this virus problem and also keep the US from folding. Both are difficult. But now is the time to focus on the virus first, reopening the city safely (or closing it if things change) and making sure we can make the streets ready for increased traffic. We already know many are not going to use public transportation. Biking only works for a small percentage of people capable. So most of us will need to get to and from by car. After a while it may reverse itself depending on how well we get thing under control. But we need to be working together on this and get on the same page and use some of that common sense. This is reality. We are facing many losses here and social problems. Hunger in children is up. How many are going to lose their homes, their livelihood, all their savings, their lives. This is a crazy time and we need to be serious about this. It is all over the world. Why can’t Somerville offer anything? Or do we not have any elected officials with any expertise to offer anything? If not then we elected all the wrong people. With all the money we the taxpayers pay out to these people we elect(hire) we should be getting something in return. NOW!

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