Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: SHARED STREETS PILOT COMING TO SOMERVILLE


Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

You need to ride their asses on this one. They are social engineering their political agenda through COVID-19. You should do an article that the city of Somerville is stealing people’s freedoms.

Call out that Mark Neidergang popper. He rides his bike looking like he is homeless.

People should sue the city like they are doing in other Democratic states who are purposefully hurting people for their fucked up thinking. I want to go punch those motherfuckers in the nose. They need to be called out and embarrassed.

What’s an easy way to clear out small business in union Square. Shut the city down and now people are forced to sell. This is their plan.

Just look at the Alderman in that area. NO COMMENT. Mental issues with that guy.
He drives around in a pickup truck gas guzzling hypocrite.

Make sure when the city furlongs and lays off people that the Alderman NEED TO NOT TAKE A PAY CHECK. They need to feel like the people who get laid off. Overpaid cellar dwellers.

Sorry I’m having a bad day over this stupidity. I want to pull my hair out.

Another Frustrated Somerville Homeowner

Shared Streets Pilot Coming to Somerville

Shared Streets Pilot Coming to Somerville

4 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: SHARED STREETS PILOT COMING TO SOMERVILLE”

  1. Another dumb ass idea from the local Communist party! This whole administration needs to go top to bottom and replaced with real Somervillians who know how this city runs and not the clowns around the horseshoe we have now! One dumb idea after another wasting taxpayer money on all the “Feel Good” campaigns making it harder and harder everyday just to get by in this city.

  2. There are common sense things being ignores here. We have learned that bikers and joggers need to be 12 to 14 feet apart now. There is no room for that. Taking any more parking is simply just to push out businesses and people. You have a dense city building more density and adding more cars each year at the rate of about 800 per year and then taking away parking. All this has to be an intentional thing to push people out and take their property. Their can be no other reason. And in this time of need for small business help and the elderly and those in need of help in these times you could not do more against the people than this. I have spent a good deal of time fighting them for what is right and there was nothing in it for me but to do the RIGHT thing. Our leaders have shown they do not care in any way shape or form. They do not have to answer to anyone. They can do what THEY want as that is obvious but their complete lack consideration for their fellow man. And they can just ignore you which is another thing they are every good at. The people of Somervile have no voice here and if it left up to them we never will. Somerville is gone, it exists no more. May as well name it City of Curtatone. The Monarch of Somerville. Where the majority no longer rules. And here is a time when they should be working on real issues instead of this nonsense, And can you count how many elected officials are suffering a pay loss like many here? And what are they doing? You don’t know as now they are not to be found. People and businesses are giving up a lot to make things safe for one another. No need to stab them in the back too. If it were not for the safety factor I would want every business to open up and tell the city where to go. If their ever was a city official to be impeached this would be the one.

  3. Arthur Moore you are spot on with your comments. The many good people here in Somerville need to make up their minds.
    Do we give up and leave or do we finally start to fight for our city? People who were born and raised here, home owners and the small business owners who risked everything are being completely abused and have been for years. Curtatone and the entire City Council need to go. It may already be too late but everyone one of these good for nothings needs a legitimate challenger. The election in 2021 is going to determine if Somerville’s has any future or is gone for good. Do we give up or do we finally start to fight back? What’s it going to be Somerville?

  4. Yup. They are really off the wall on this. Not too long after the Broadway Winter Hill fiasco where they are deliberately putting businesses out of business, making people with ADA problems lives miserable and the senior’s in the area and taking away parking. Then sitting on their asses during the covid virus problem doing nothing now they are going to do this to further screw up the city. What is wrong with them? And to make even more deplorable we already know by their past history any input by the taxpayers or businesses will be totally ignored. I have been looking at real estate with my brother in NH for the last 3 months. Listings are going up and sold in the same day. I can see why so many in MA are getting out. City hall is devoid of elected officials working for the taxpayers. The whole world is fighting the covid virus and these loonies are playing in the streets. If they had a real job they would have been fired and prosecuted.

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