This Crazy Time In Somerville, Maybe Time To Think Of Changes


By Arthur Moore

There seems to be too much common sense lacking in this city as of late. This virus has shown us how many things are in need of a change. I do not know much about the health department and how it works but it may be they need more power and maybe more people. I keep seeing the same problems all over the city and nothing is getting done to protect us. I see the bluebike stations still there so the virus can be passed on from person to person. People running need to be fifteen feet apart. The path may need to be shut down if people cooperate. Masks and gloves disposed of in the streets and parking lots. I don’t see why our highly paid council members can’t at least ride around and report these things to the proper place to be taken care of. I also am thinking of why we are paying for people to be council members? I think this should be a non paid part time volunteer job so we can get more interested people involved in the running of the city. Not just for the paycheck. After the elections we hardly know they exist. It still boggles my mind that they can’t send out a one person truck at this time and remove those stupid poles on Broadway for the unused protected bike lane. May not seem important at this time but if we have the manpower and not enough work this would be a great job in the start of getting this city ready to get back to business when it is time. The city has done enough hardship on these businesses and the people with ADA along that way. I would be happy to volunteer for that job. No charge. Plus a chance to do some good for our small businesses and people with disabilities. The ones that the city ignores. This may be a good time since things are at a standstill that we can make our leaders understand some of the things we want them to do. Work on ideas to help with reopening the city. Even partially opening. Having some ideas in place and a game plan may help to get us going that much quicker.

5 thoughts on “This Crazy Time In Somerville, Maybe Time To Think Of Changes”

  1. Arthur I think it’s time for you to pick up a new hobby that isn’t just attacking people walking and biking. None of the things you wrote about in this article are remotely relevant to what cities are actually working on mid-pandemic, nor are they good solutions to transportation post- pandemic. Transportation like bikes will be more popular once this is over, more people trying to get away from others on buses and trains. Bluebikes are no more transmission risk than the door handles to buildings or any other shared surface in public, as long as people wash their hands at their destination it’s fine.

    Maybe you should try taking up fishing? Or perhaps knitting? Or maybe just minding your own business?

    1. Thank you for your opinion. But I will keep om working to save lives any way I can. Each person who catches the virus can pass it on to 100 people an then it escalates from there. In case you have not noticed people are dying. So it really is my business. And I am sorry you do not understand the message. My hands are too arthritic for knitting anyway.

  2. Agree Arthur! Our Ward 2 Alderman JT Scott was absent in trying to get non essential construction to stop in his area…really let us his constituents down by never helping.

    1. They are listening. It’s the ignoring part that is the problem. This virus has brought out the good in people we had no clue existed. Except for our leaders here in this city. We had one council member who was good. Now we have none working for US. At least on the old days they threw us a bone once in a while. Many wonderful people are coming out and helping all over the world. I just don’t get it.

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