Somerville’s Ward 4 Needs More Representation for Winter Hill Residents


By Arthur Moore

After I got done with the Gilman Square meeting I ran into Jesse. I asked him why he is not speaking up for the people and businesses there. I had to explain that the unused protected bike lane was blocking the businesses and also preventing people that have handicapped issues further up towards Medford Street have no legal access. The hairdresser and nail salon are used quite a bit by the elderly and handicapped. First the businesses, got that story that they can use the old Star parking lot. I explained again for the umpteenth time that they get a fair amount of elderly people there and cannot do that distance. I know, I can’t either anymore myself. Got nowhere with that one. Then the people up the street. Another great answer. They are getting in. I asked about removing the unused protected bike lane. Another great answer. We built it an eventually they will use it. I also explained that the Somerville ADA has contacted city hall. No answer. Said I contacted the US government ADA dept. . Nothing. It’s a shame we have people who could care less about the elderly and the handicapped. I would have expected more evasive answers but if this is what we are stuck with then it’s time to look for someone caring and in tune with the people of the area. He was voted in to represent us. Obviously not doing his job and needs to be removed. And his preoccupation with evicting businesses on Winter Hill is so much more important than the taxpayers, elderly, handicapped that he represents. It’s time for someone who cares about people to think about running for this office.

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