Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:Some Bus Drivers Have Attitude Problems

Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

4:21 pm Bus driver violently raises hand at calm senior customer bus driver #73274 didn’t want to make the stop at Wegmans around 4:18 pm and flew by. This was intentional as the 134 to North Woburn was picking up passengers @ the Marshall’s stop and she decided to pass him in the wrong lane because she was impatient with passengers getting on the bus going to Woburn. I flagged her down and shouted “Stop.” She was very upset that she had to stop for a customer and told me I was out of line shouting Stop when she was going to. I said to her “You were not stopping for anyone.” She said “I didn’t see you.” Duh, she is supposed to go up to the stop, not decide to quickly drive by the 134 N. Woburn that was in her way…in her mind. There were witnesses. I asked for her number that I was reporting her and she had a meltdown. Blocking traffic on Locust St… Bus #1940 to Wellington from N. Woburn. Your MBTA dollars at work. About 5 customers left the bus, only myself and another person onboard. So those customers lost their money, the woman called her supervisor and said “He asked me for my badge number five times” it was only 3 times…this is your MBTA dollars at work! It is now 5:04 pm 2-8-2020…a kind Medford police officer drove me to my house as she made me miss my connection.

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