Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Tevin NYACHERO (Distribute Class B Drug, Unlicensed MV Op)

The following is a brief summary to incident #20002757.

During the evening of January 16, 2020, members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit were conducting routine narcotic interdiction surveillance in the Winter hill Area in the City of Somerville. At 7:00 PM, observations were made by me of a black male operator, later identified as Tevin Nyachero (DOB xxxx), sitting in the driver’s seat of a black Chevy Tahoe (Virginia reg xxxxx) with its lights on parked in front of XX Wellington Ave, Somerville Ma. This Chevy Tahoe was registered to Ean Holdings which is a rental company. As I setup surveillance on that vehicle, I observed Nyachero manipulating his cell phone.

I would note that within the past few months, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. After xxxxxxxxx, two male parties were arrested for drug distribution charges by the Drug Control Unit on separate occasions at this location. (See incident #19047693 on 08/20/2019 and Incident 19065459 on 11/15/2019).

I am also aware that individuals involved in the sale of illegal drugs, frequently utilize rental vehicles to prevent law enforcement officials from identifying vehicles utilized by the drug dealer to facilitate drug deals. I am also aware that this practice is frequently used in attempt to prevent law enforcement officials from seizing the vehicles used to facilitate the sale of illegal drugs.

At this point I notified other members of the Drug Control Unit of my observations and the possibility of a drug delivery to XX Wellington Ave. At this time Detectives began to respond to my location to set up surveillance of that vehicle. At 7:10 PM the Chevy Tahoe began to leave the area traveling down Wellington Ave, taking a right onto Walnut Street, then taking a right onto Broadway, which are all public ways in the City of Somerville. At this time Detectives conducted a rolling surveillance of that vehicle and followed that vehicle into the Stop and Shop Parking Lot (779 Mcgrath Hway), as we believed Nyachero may of been spooked by one of our vehicles and was going to head back to XX Wellington Ave to possibly conduct his drug delivery after checking to see if he was being followed.

That vehicle then stopped in front of the store and Detectives observed a white male enter the front passenger seat of that vehicle. About a minute later that white male exited that vehicle and began to walk into the parking lot. Based on our observations ,training, and experience, we believed this quick meet to be consistent with a street level narcotics transaction.

At this point, I along with Detective Legros with our Police Badges displayed, approached the male later identified as XXXX (DOB xxxx) and asked if we could speak to him. XXXX stated yes and at this point I asked XXXX if he just purchased something from the male in the Chevy Tahoe. XXXX then closed his eyes and stated yes, At this Point XXXX advised me that it was in his right top front jacket pocket and that it was hard (hard is the Street name for Crack Cocaine). At this point I seized the Crack Cocaine (preliminary weight 1.5 gram) and advised detectives to conduct a stop of the Chevy Tahoe and advised them the details of our interaction with XXXX.

While speaking with XXXX, he advised me that he had only purchased drugs from Nyachero on two occasions and that he didn’t know his name but he gave me Nyachero cell phone number (xxxxx). XXXX advised me that prior to meeting with Nyachero that he was in contact with him via text messages and talking on the phone with him to set up this meet to purchase the Crack Cocaine. XXXX advised me that his last contact with Nyachero was at 6:43 PM. XXXX also showed me his call log on his phone which showed that call. XXXX also advised me that he paid $170 dollars for the Crack Cocaine and advised me that Nyachero had pulled the Crack Cocaine from a dark colored pouch that was in his groin area. XXXX also advised me that he had numerous baggies of crack in that pouch.

While Detective Legros and I were speaking with XXXX, Detectives Cicerone and Goncalves conducted a motor vehicle stop of the Tahoe on Mystic Ave at Temple Street, with the assistance of (S8) Sgt. Slattery, who was operating a marked cruiser and with the assistance of uniformed Officers Lorenti and Canty. Once the motor vehicle stop was conducted, Detective Cicerone with his Police badge displayed approached Nyachero to conduct a threshold inquiry.

Once Detective Cicerone approached Nyachero he observed that his pants were down to just above his knees, with boxers underneath and also observed 3 cell phones on Nyachero’s lap. Detective Cicerone then asked Nyachero were he just came from prior to being stopped by the Police and Nyachero advised him that he just came from Revere. Detective Cicerone then asked him if he had stopped in Somerville or met anyone in Somerville prior to being stopped by the Police. Nyachero stated no he had not met anyone or stopped in Somerville prior to being stopped by the Police. Based on our investigation, observations, Nyachero untruthful responses to Detective Cicerone, Nyachero was asked to Step out of the vehicle. A RMV check was done by me of Nyachero to see if he had an active Mass Driver’s License. My RMV check yielded negative results. Nyachero also advised Detective Goncalves that he did not have an active driver’s License.

At this point I gave Detective Cicerone the number that XXXX provided me and was on his call log at 6:43 PM. Detective Cicerone then called that number and one of the phones (red Iphone with a pink cover) began to ring with Detective’s Cicerone Number.

At this Point Nyachero was placed in handcuffs and under arrest for the charge of Distribution of a Class B Substance and Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Nyachero Vehicle was towed back to the Somerville Police Station to be searched. The detailed search was done at the station for safety reasons as Detectives were on a bad spot of a busy roadway. Detective Cicerone followed the towed vehicle to the station. At the station a search was done of the vehicle and the vehicle was shortly after released to Pats Tow.

Nyachero was shortly after transported Via marked unit 200 By Officer Rivera to Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing. XXXX was shortly after advised and sent on his way. After not finding any drugs in the vehicle or on Nyachero possession, I believed that Nyachero could have drugs hidden in his groin area. I believed that Based on what XXXX advised me along with the way Detective Cicerone first observed Nyachero with his pants down just over his knees with boxers underneath.

I would like to note that it is very common that illegal drug distributors carry their stash of illegal drugs in there groin/waistband area to prevent Police detection of them. I have made and been part of numerous arrests where illegal drugs were found hidden in the groin area. At this point I spoke with Sgt Rego and advised him of the possibility of drugs being hidden in Nyachero’s Groin area. Sgt Rego then Spoke to the Shift Commander Lt. De Oliveira and advised him of the situation. Lt. De Oliveira then decided that a Strip Search was warranted.

The Search was done with complete privacy in a restroom in the cell area. There was no video monitoring in the area where the search was done. The search was done by Sgt. Rego and I, with Lt. De Oliviera supervising the search. Sgt. Rego first advised Nyachero to take his shirt off. Nyachero took his shirt off handed it to Sgt. Rego. Nyachero turned his body around and that part of the search was done. Nyachero was then handed his shirt back where he put it back on.

Nyachero was then advised to take his pants off but to keep his boxers on. Nyachero took his pants off handed them to me but remained with his boxers on. A detailed search was done of the pants by me. Nyachero then turned his body around and that part of the search was done.

Nyachero was then advised to take his boxers off. Nyachero then took his boxers off and dropped them to the ground. Nyachero then turned his body around and that part of the search was done. Nyachero then put his boxers back on along with his pants. The search took about a minute to complete and no illegal drugs were found on him.

Nyachero was issued Mass Uniform Citation #1226144 for Unlicensed Operation of a MV. A Red Iphone with a pink cover that was used during the drug transaction will be seized for a pending search warrant and $384 dollars in US currency that was found on Nyachero will be subject for forfeiture proceedings. Please see Detective Cicerone Supplement report regarding all evidence seized.

Respectfully Submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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