12 thoughts on “The Free Speech Hour With Caroline Colarusso: Somerville Transfer Tax, Rent Control and Condo Conversion”

  1. What we need to do it spread the word, not just across Somerville but all neighboring towns that this can and will happen to them, if this is allowed to pass.

    We need to organize and march to the statehouse and demand to be heard! We need to come up with a plan !!

    If there are any lawyers among us, we need someone to check our rights as landowners, and possibly bring this to court.

  2. Here’s another example of politicians spending money, with no regards who will pay for it. I just received an email from

    Matthew McLaughlin
    “I submitted an order that the Administration add child care services for community meetings into the FY21 budget. In keeping with our equity agenda, I believe this would be a rather inexpensive way to expand the diversity of people who can attend community meetings. “

  3. It appears this is just the tip of the iceberg for what is in store for property owners. The Mayor along with other elected officials and numerous local wing nuts attended the state house for a hearing on 24 pro-tenant bills including rent control, first right of refusal and the real estate transfer tax.

    This is the beginning of a movement by a small group of people who want to live here at the expense of others. Property owners costs continue to sky rocket as a direct result of out of control spending all at once.

    Residential and commercial properties have experienced several tax increases along with added fees,that have to come from somewhere that is the people who live there, eat there, shop there, stay there.

    The elderly, retirees, disabled, lower income, middle class working families are negatively impacted by these decisions to continue to spend more.

    What has changed in Somerville other than the densitity due to over develpment within residential neighborhoods. Lack of commercial development that truly brings in tax revenue unlike the Partners deal at Assembly.

    The city is the same size, we provide the same basic services, we have roughly the same number of Police, Fire and DPW staffing.

    City hall staffing has increased every year without anything positive to assist homeowners and tax payers. Every time something is implemented without fair notice residents have to fight

    Taxes have rose every year, water and sewer rates increased every year, excise tax increased every year, permit parking fees and fines increased every year, fees to businesses increase every year, building permits increase every year, added fees to new developments, increased affordable housing on new developments,

    Mr. Mayor how can you truly make Somerville affordable stop all the cost from constantly rising, stop the excessive spending and live within our means.

  4. The answer to all the cities problems are tax and spend. There is never enough so we hire statisticians and acvomplish nothing more than a good photo op for all the geniuses

  5. We need a change in leadership! we need leaders that don’t punish home owners for wanting to own homes in Somerville.

  6. We have to stop squeezing the multi family landlords for more money. I’m all for adding taxes to help pay for programs, but not just at the expense of people who own multi family homes. If you want to raise money, then raise taxes across the board single, and multi family homes

    and raise taxes on businesses

    1. Rather than raising taxes on business, I feel that we should begin bringing more businesses here to Somerville. This way, the tax burden can begin falling off the backs of homeowners.

      1. I have been after them for years on this. Not just the tax burden but so people don’t always have to go to other cities to do business when we could right here. I am sure you remember Magoun years ago as well as I do. We had everything at our fingertips. Not any more. I could go on forever about it but I know you understand at least.

      2. We should form a citizens committee to advice our alderman and such before they make decisions in a vacuum

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