Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:New Idiotic Bike-Lane Poles On Broadway All Wiped Out

Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

All the idiotic bike lane plows that divide to lanes on Broadway have been wiped out but the plows over the weekend. How much will this cost the taxpayers now again?

I wish this administration would use common sense and put things back the way they were for over 50 years, a system that worked.

A frustrated Somerville Resident 

5 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:New Idiotic Bike-Lane Poles On Broadway All Wiped Out”

  1. Girard,

    You are right these so called inclusionary wing nuts do not care about the elderly, persons with disabilities and children.
    Every neighborhood has areas where there are serious sidewalk, crosswalk and hp curbcut deficiencies.

    If you contact the to have something long over due to be repaired they refer you to city hall. Back in time the elected officials were sure to respond in a more proactive and positive manner. They would place a call to the department head, place a board order and follow through to ensure things were repaired.

    Today this group is all about the able bodied bicyclists not the average person just wanting to be mobile by whatever choice deemed necessary.
    They will someday realize the challenges when they face them as they age or cannot travel as they do today. This will change when the wing nuts move on.

    I would file a complaint with the State and Federal agencies that enforce ada requirements and who providing the funding. That may change the way they do business.

    I appreciate your comments and hope that someone shows they care.

  2. Since I’m the only person in a manual wheelchair riding up & down Broadway’s for last 4 yrs. w/my sidekick and service dog Oreo, not a day goes by that I/him/we nearly get mowed down by a bicycle riding on the sidewalk, (still) nearly every day of our lives.
    Even worse is, nearly getting moved down by a car/truck crossing the street, especially @ Broadway & Glen St. I fought my azz off to get those permanent Crosswalk signs put in, because I wasn’t just worried about my dog & I getting hit, but for the school children crossing there as well. The crossing guard that used to be there quit because he was afraid of himself & the kids getting hit, or God forbid even killed.
    We shared stories of just how dangerous that intersection is and, even w/the permanent signs little has changed to slow the cars down and still don’t stop. I’ve almost gottem killed in the middle of that crosswalk when cars just go AROUND me! Something else MUST BE DONE to avoid any injury/death @ that intersection. The City of Somerville obviously believed what I was telling them for 2 yrs and finally put up the permanent signs.
    As far as WASTING all the taxpayer dollars $ by WASTING time on that damn bike lane, that ISNT AND HASNT AND NEVER WILL work. Sometimes I think I’d be safer in that bike lane than on the sidewalk, if it weren’t for my dog.
    How about investing some of that money $ on repairing/replacing the broken Handicap ramps where there are so many broken cement ramps on the streets like up & down Pennsylvania Ave, and Myrtle Street and Indiana and Illinois Ave, where I travel multiple times a day and have been dumped out of my chair multiple times.
    Stop trying to emulate Cambridge bike lanes by wasting out tax dollars $ on the useless ones already here!
    Thank you, Girard Rohan 1 Franklin St.

  3. Perhaps a law should be made to outlaw bicycles on city streets before one of them runs a stop sign, red light, etc; and gets killed.

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