Joe Curtatone and Fox News

By Arthur Moore

It is hard to believe our mayor can stand up there and say that this plan for Winter Hill is working to relieve congestion, help air quality and safety. Quite the opposite as anyone who lives here knows.

Off rush hour times are brutal here as well. So many cars sitting here idling and causing more air congestion. An unused dedicated bike lane blocking people from going to businesses. Safety issues of 8 collisions and 13 traffic incidents in an eight week period according to the SPD reports. As for congestion we have four more bridges to close this year.

This was so far from the truth one cannot express how bad it is to stretch it that far. And with a straight face. It is not working in Winter Hill, fact.

10 thoughts on “Joe Curtatone and Fox News”

  1. There is a simple answer to moving the traffic at peak times. Enable a bus and bike lane where the parkingvspaces are with no parking between the peak hours such as 7:00 am – 9:00 am the 4:00 – 6:30 pm. Post no parking during these times during the week and tow as needed.

    Boston has been doing this for years downtown in congested areas even before Joe’s buddy Marty bullshit took over. They started this in Everett over a year ago on Broadway one of the worse streets in the city. It works without any issues especially if you properly notify everyone prior to its implementation by plenty of advance media coverage and signage.

    Unfortunately we have a pool of elected officials who would rather respond to what’s most popular than what is logical and practical.

    Remember when the Mayor went green that lasted for a short period of time for the media. Buying the green vehicles to cut carbon pollution. Since that time the fleet has trippled and they are all green but only in color.

    We can begin this election by replacing the State Senator, State representatives and move into 2021 by replacing the Councilors and Mayor. That’s term limits by the people for the people.

  2. A group of concerned citizens and business owners could easily come together, go to the media, and discuss health and safety concerns, deteriorating infrastructure etc. themselves.

  3. I agree with everyone above, Somerville is smotherville, and Slumville, we’re been smothered by his bull shit and it has become a slum. I don’t know why he’s still running this city !!!

  4. I wanted to but after talking to the business owners I don’t have the heart to drop it. They are hurting too badly. I know too many up close and it’s hell watching them suffer this way and watching their life’s work go up in smoke over a failed idea.

  5. The man is full of shit and believes everything he says to appease the other elected officials who are breathing down his neck. Once his gig is done here he will be unelectable.
    Unfortunately for us he has more than 13 months to continue to do his damage.

    The streets and sidewalks are in their worse condition ever, the infrastructure is in poor condition, the building’s from schools, firehouses, police station and city hall are deteriorating.

    But the bicyclist and buses are moving right along at a much faster pace just like the taxes and fees.

    Can’t wait until you go Joe.

  6. restore broadway should be clamoring to do a counterpoint. the guy with the camera pointed at broadway should make it a live cam on the web. businesses on lower broadway should be interviewed on the effects of loss of parking on business. effects on the elderly not being able to get to businesses. the effects of traffic avoiding broadway and taking side streets. and so on, and so on …

    1. You are 100% correct. I have been trying to get volunteers for the camera locations. Also trying to find a lawyer to take the case on as the ADA rights have been violated and the businesses should be compensated for their losses for the willful blocking of their businesses by an unused protected bike lane. There is also one other person that I am aware of in the apartment building further up who cannot get in or out unless she does so illegally as she is not mobile. And we have not even started on that red lane yet.

  7. And yet he still gets voted in!!!! Somerville voters need to stop being afraid to not vote for him. We need a new breath of fresh air!

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