Somerville Winter Preparedness Information

While the City of Somerville will NOT be declaring a snow emergency on Sunday, December 1, (unless forecasts change over the course of the day Sunday), we’d like to remind residents and property owners of some important snow regulations to help you prepare for our first storm of the season, and to avoid any potential tickets.

· Because there is no snow emergency, you do not need to park on a particular side of the street during the storm.
· There will be no street sweeping on Monday, December 2, or Tuesday, December 3.
· To leave enough clearance for plows and emergency vehicles, cars parked within 20 feet of an intersection may be subject to ticketing and towing if they are deemed to be likely to restrict access. This regulation is enforced as needed and is especially important to adhere to on narrower streets.
· If you are parked in a school parking lot, please move your car by 7 a.m. on weekday mornings. School will be in session this week, and any car parked in a school lot may be ticketed and/or towed.

· Once snow has stopped falling, property owners have 6 daylight hours to shovel sidewalks abutting their property, or will be ticketed each day until the sidewalk is clear.
· It is extremely important to ensure sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice, with a wide enough path for persons using wheelchairs and those pushing strollers or other devices to safely pass.
· You may not shovel snow into the road or into bike lanes.
· Snow Shoveling Assistance
o The Somerville Teen Shoveling program is a paid program for youth to shovel out seniors or persons with disabilities after a snow storm in Somerville. Teens and homeowners are paired for the season. You must apply and be paired with teen shovelers well in advance of a storm. To enquire how to sign up for future storms, contact Chris Hosman at 617-625-6600 x 2341 or

City Services
· Street sweeping will NOT occur on Monday, December 2, or Tuesday, December 3.
· Trash and recycling pick up will be on a normal schedule on Monday, December 2. For updates, please check or call 311.
· School will be in session this week.
· As of Sunday morning, all City buildings will be open on a normal schedule on Monday. For updates, please check or call 311.

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