“Lighting The Fire!”

Lighting The Fire! Who ever coined the phrase, “rock” or “grunge is dead” was not ready for Boston-based band War On Alexandria.

Somerville boys Liam and Lucas McCain (two members of the trio brother band Helen Trio) along with Corey Spingel (also of Awnthay) joined forces with Emma Keefe to give birth to W.O.A. in July of this year. Their first single “Sleep Deprived” was written in June 2019 by McCain and Keefe shortly after they met at The Den Studios of North Reading, where they previously recorded with owner and producer Doug Batchelder. The song came to life in July and was released in August. The attention “Sleep Deprived” has received has done much more than just grease the skids for a young band, landing on WZLX’s Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood’s “Songs of the Week”, staying in first place for three consecutive weeks. Music blog Rock and Roll Fables sang praise to “Sleep Deprived”, describing it as a “Fleetwood Mac meets Sap-era Alice in Chains”. The candescent and eerie sounds of both the melodic and harmonic structure of the dual lead vocals as well as the guitars is what has and will continue to separate War On Alexandria as its own entity amongst other bands. Their latest single “Grip (the heavy one)” will be released on November 8th on all streaming platforms. Catch them live this Friday night at Sally O’Briens in Somerville, as they take the stage at 10:30 p.m. alongside Charles Delta and Condition Baker. Get in and strap up – War On Alexandria is about to set fire to the Boston music scene.

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