Elect Marianne For Mayor of Somerville on Nov 5th

Marianne doesn’t take money from real estate special interests. Meanwhile real estate moguls are cementing their power and influence over incumbent Mayor Curtatone with generous contributions. OCPF records show RedGate developer Greg Bialecki gave $500 on October 17.

RedGate is the company that had the mayor’s backing to avoid paying prevailing wages at the redevelopment of public housing in Clarendon Hill.

That scheme would have have enriched RedGate at the expense of workers. Fortunately the legislature rejected it.

2 thoughts on “Elect Marianne For Mayor of Somerville on Nov 5th”

  1. Had no idea Marianne was running for Mayor till I saw a program on Channel 2 yesterday. With so many years of the Mayor going unopposed I was thinking that something was not right. Good to see Marianne is running, we finally have another choice.

    1. She is going to try and make it to the Resistat meeting tonight at the Healey School if you want to see her. I know she has to go to another meeting and will rush over ASAP. Stop by. It is from 6.30 to 8.00

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